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Thread: Replacement for RT-Pro Front Grip Mount?

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    Replacement for RT-Pro Front Grip Mount?

    I am looking for a better/different looking replacement for the RT-Pro's Front Grip Mount (FGM).

    I have a mag with a warp feed and I like where the FGM puts the front grip. I have it lined up nicely so that my forearm is flat against the warp and is able to comforatbly grip the front handle. The only problem is that the thing is not the best looking mount in the world and doesn't fit in my "plan" for the gun.

    Does anyone know of a subsitute part that I could use? I want to make my mag look better but still retain the ergonomics and comfort that the current FGM allows me. I would prefer aluminum, but I'm open to anything at this point.



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    Hmm...I recall seing an aluminum FGM. Might have been rouge who made it, not sure.

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    ummm im not sure if the rt rails have a punch hole for a vertical adapter but i do know that the rogue and logic rails have slots for that you can look there and do away with a mount all together!
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    I think Rogue had ones that were black, not sure if thats what you're looking for


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    Sup Josh! You need to up your post count dood!

    Enemy the stock AGD ULE rail is pre drilled for the vert ASA. So is my Karta as RogueFactor said.

    The problem is, that if he uses that hole, it will pull the grip in closer several inches and I don't think he wants it or can fit it any closer.

    Could always send out the RT Pro FGM to get green ano'ed or powder coated...
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    Who makes this one?

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    I might end up going the powder coat route. we'll see. I haven't seen anthing out there that i really like yet.

    the black FGMs (the one from the fragmag pic) are the old ones from AGD. i don't think they make them anymore. if someone has one for sale, i'd probably snag it. it would probably be cheaper than paying to powder coat my stainless one.

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    Rouge makes the Black ano'd alumunum Foregrip mounts

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    I emailed the Rogue guy at Earthlink and he told me that they were a limited run and were all sold out. I'm out of luck!

    Thanks for the info tho!

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