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Thread: Pump ONLY Game @ Fox River Games (Chicago area)

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    Pump ONLY Game @ Fox River Games (Chicago area)


    I talked to some people over at Fox River Games. And guess what. They've got a few BOXES of pump guns they still rent out. SO...

    I'm proposing to have a pumps only game at Fox River Games in May, June or July (NOT the same day as AO*IL 5). Why am I not saying a DAY yet? Simple. They want to be reassured there is sufficient interest in one. If there is, I will organise it for us, and we will all be cool.

    SO, here's the skinny :


    BYOP : If the paint sucks, it's your fault.
    Entry : $25 for the day, I believe it includes air (not 12 grams)

    What we need is about, oh, 40+ people to play, and they'll give us our own group. I won't make people pre-pay if I can help it, just show up and play some pump ball.

    So why am I adverting it here? Well, warmup for Retroball in September. Plus, All the midwest people can come up and lay soe REALLY nice woods fields. I was there Sunday, playing stock class. They've got fields large enough to give you a feel for the old school.

    Oh, should I mention that "Swarm" was the first team to win with Automags? AGD and FRG go back a LONG way. They want to see the AO folks come out to the fields. And if they'r eplaying pump, I think we can even convince some of the old-school players (Sandman, Chip, Dennis...) to pick up a pump and play with us. TK? Wanna borrow a Sterling? I've got one here somewhere!

    What I need right now is a casual commitment. A simple "Yes, I can make it in May or June for a pump only game" would suffice. I think abuot 20-30 people will be enough to get FRG's attention, and they'll help us organise it.

    Wanna play some pump before Retroball? Let's do this.


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    ill play if its after the AO-IL day for sure if its before that is a probably
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