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Thread: Perfect Solution for "Dye" grip hole.

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    Perfect Solution for "Dye" grip hole.

    I just received my intelliframe today and just got done wiring it up for intellifeed to warp. It turned out great. Works like a charm. Now the "Perfect Solution" for drilling the hole through "Dye" grips so you can plug in you intellifeed wire. DO NOT use a drill. Dry fit your grips after you have completed the wires. Press firmly on the grips to leave an impression of the plug adapter on the inside rubber. Then I used a Grommet hole maker. This is a piece of metal tubing with one end sharpened. Place it against the grip, centering it around the impression, then hit it firmly with a hammer and you should easily cut out a perfect circle. Finished project looked like it was made especialy for it.
    By the way you can get these grommet kits at you local hardware store. Make sure you get a 1/4 inch Grommet kit. Good Luck.
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    ben_JD Guest
    Can we see a picture? Did you cut from inside out, or vice versa?

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    Step by step

    I made the hole from the outside. Here are pics.
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    Grip and hopper project

    OK here are the PICS. I hope it helps you.

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    A spent .22 case would also work. Just use a large head hammer and tap it into the rubber until it sticks then give it a good whack. That's how I punched out the hole in the Spectra Visor for the X-Wind fan toggle switch to fit through.

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    What is that Foregrip?

    I just got an intelliframe as well, although the expansion chamber I am using as a foregrip is too big for a good fit with the intelliframe. What is the Foregrip that you have on your gun there? It looks like the intelli has no problem attaching to the rail with it on, and I need a replacement! Thanks!

    Oh, and nice job with the warp hook up!
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    ben_JD Guest
    Very nice. That is the look I am going for. Great job and thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Do you think you could get away with a 3/16" or 5/32" hole?

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    I have a Kapp Foregrip that I purchased through KAPP. I like how it fits.
    As for the size of hole you need...well that depends on the plugs you purchase. In order for the plug that I am using to fit right, I needed the larger 1/4" hole. I would check to see what works best for you.

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    Sweet set up Gadget68. Meet you on the field.

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    is that warp ran throught ur revvy? or am i extremely tired

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    Yep... the loader has been drilled.
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    whyd u drill it and did u use a normal drill?

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    Actually I didn't use a drill I used a dremel tool with a cutting tool. I used a marker and outlined the hose then made the cuts. I then used a dremel grinder to finish the edges.
    The reason I made the hose go through the hopper was to make the warp and marker parraell. Smaller and more compact. I also had to get a custom bracket made in order to move the warp out and parrell so my tank would screw in.
    I know this may be confusing but if you have any questions that you would like clearified just drop me a line.
    I am attaching a picture of my set up, hope you can tell what I am talkingf about.

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    here is another pic

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    very nice gun but im not likin the sight much . did ur tank come with soks or did u buy em?

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    warp hose

    Nice Setup. Still don't quite get why you ran the hose through the revy. Won't that mean less paint that you can hold in it? Just a thought.
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    Because it tightens up the gun. The added capacity of the Warp makes up for the 8 or so balls you lose by drilling through the hopper and running the hose through.

    I don't care about the decreased capacity. I want a marker that is as tight as possible. Look at how close I'm able to get the hopper next to my gun by drilling the hopper.

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    The "new" intelliframes (bent trigger guard) also has a notch cut in the bottom for the warp intellifeed link..

    Though, it does not allow you to take out the wire like in your setup.. it looks pretty clean using the notch.
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