Post all missing items here. Stolen or Lost items. If possible give serial numbers and Pictures

Here is one submitted by BXmag (his idea to do this and I like it!) to start this out:

Coastal Paintball in Jacksonville, North Carolina suffered a major break-in this week. The items listed below is some of the inventory that was stolen:

Autococker Custom blue/silver/white/black, engraved on the side in big letters “Made Specially for Mike Morrison by Bob Long”

Angel Alien Abduction Purple Special, has an 88 ci with Armageddon reg, and a Pro Ball sticker

3 Tribals - Black/red flames, Silver/Blue, Red/Black splash

Angel Eclipse with black/red/silver with 68 ci 3000 and Kapp Drop forward & charger


STS Piranhas

Bushmaster BM2K Eclipse Silver has HPA tank

Autococker (black) with all Purple Chrome ANS upgrades

STO Black/Turquoise fade

Infernos in Red and Silver - several

Inferno Heat in Red and Silver

EM-1 Black and EM-1 Silver

Sheridan XTS - several

SuperNova ET

PMI Trracers - several

Spyder Xtras -several

Spyder Shutter - several

PMI Piranha G3 - several, in different colors: Titanium, Blue, Red, Silver, Black

Bruizers - Bandit blue, Outlaw blue

Bruizer Sport - six, black

PT Enforcer Green, modified with bottom line

Extreme Enterprises Acrylic Accessories for Angels - barrels

Autococker barrels

Angel LCD Data Kit with programming disks

Large number of HPA stainless hoses and related parts/accessories

Scott backpacks

Ricochet loaders, Revolution loaders

Raven gear bags

Pure Energy 4500 psi 88 ci tanks

V-Force masks, JT Ice masks (purple and blue)

Rental markers: many Piranha BTL double triggers