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Thread: *Stolen or Missing Equipment Listings*

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    I started reading all the replies and would like to help find the stolen equipment. One problem. Way too many posts to read and track. Is it possible to list the missing gear by state or even city? I live in Phoenix and would like to see a list of missing gear. Kind of like a "Amber" alert, except for paintball guns/gear. The faster people know about a missing gun, the more likely it will be recovered.

    I really believe in policing your own area. That includes hobbies. Smack down the jerk that's shooting paintballs at public property so lawyers don’t put the squeeze on us like they have gun owners.

    It is all about make the right choices.

    Has anyone bought a ULE off ebay from "acurawsu"? I'm having a problem with him delivering.

    Nuff said.
    I support peace through superior firepower and total retaliation.

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    ATTN: STOLEN GUN in northern VA


    Please keep your eyes open for my Emag that was stolen today (Sat, Oct 25th, 2003) from VAG in Leesburg, VA.

    Here are the gun details:

    - Chrome Hopper Left, P/F body
    - Std. emag barrel
    - Black frame w/ 1.37 software, rail, battery cover
    - Black shocktech drop
    - Black 12v Revvy w/ red elbow
    - PMI Pure Energy 68/4500 Tank w/ small crack in the gauge
    (This tank in only a few months old - from Pev's) w/ a black smart parts cover

    Here's the unique part: it had a classic valve in it from my 12 year old Mag - #CF10863 (or possibly #CF10836) I knew this a decade ago, but have long since lost the paperwork on this thing, but I know the CF108 is correct and there CAN'T be that many of these old valve left in Northern VA.

    This valve is very custom, modded by Dirk of the Ironmen w/ an 8 hole mod & expanded chamber. This is the OLD classic AIR valve, but it has a brand new custom made on/off assembly made by RobAGD (from Pev's Sterling) so that it would work in an Emag.

    I bought this emag from Dave on these boards back in the spring and was borrowing a friend's new tank since mine was damaged while getting hydro tested. I'm absolutely sick that someone stole not only my gun but a friend's tank in my possession. PLEASE help me keep a look out for this gun.

    Most likely, it will be broken up and sold as a valve-less Emag and a classic valve. Here are some pics:

    Here's a description of the person we think took it:

    Black (older model) VW Golf:
    - aftermarket exhaust (judging by the noise)
    - slight damage to the left front quarter panel
    - an oval Pev's sticker on the back window center

    The person was a white male, late teens/early 20s, sandy blonde hair, about 5'10"-6' tall wearing a yellow jersey and yellow pants and carrying a red/white/blue Cocker.

    If you think you know this guy or see my marker, please help!
    Thanks guys...

    Stacy Drennan
    E-mag | '93 Mag | Original RT | Grey Spirit

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    CrazyLad Guest
    Why not make a whole forum thing for this...So people could make threads....just makes more sense to me..

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    Northern VA
    That's a pretty good idea... Admins?

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    Hey, DS6. i was about to buy a level x from acurawsu. but i noticed that hes posting a couple of level Xs every few days and that seems a lil suspicious. try contacting ebay if you dont get anything. at least you bought it from ebay so you have some sort of warranty.

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    funny story

    One Day I my dad picked me and My Impulse, automag rt, and cocker up at a friends house. I proceded to set my impy on the side of my dads pickup as i put my rt and cocker in the cab. I forgot about it and we drove of with it sitting on the side of the bed of the truck. IM not sure if it fell of the truck or if it got stolen. The funny part is it had anly a freak back, no maxflow or any reg, and the twister feed was broken. It has a slipknot sticker, a pimp sticker, a chronic sticker and some evil stickers. Any help would be greatly apreciated.
    I dont care if you laugh at my stupidity.

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    Hey everyone, I'm here to report 3 stolen markers from my local shop (where I work) that were stolen around 3 weeks ago, the reason we waited to post serial numbers was we thought we had caught the person with the stolen guns but that had not been so. So PLEASE help my store and myself out by checking all serial numbers on markers that are traded to you or that you recently traded/purchased on AO!

    Alright these guns were stolen from fox4paintball in Upton, Massachusetts ( and if you purchased or traded for any autococker froms Massachusetts in the past 3-4 weeks you should check your serial numbers!

    Ok here are the guns...

    Special Edition Black Magic Green/Black Fade (dusted)
    Has Orracle frontblock (chrome) and WGP Flame Trigger (green)

    Black 03 Autococker (polished)
    Has WGP Hinge Frame

    Blue 03 Autococker (polished)
    Has WGP Hinge Frame

    Once again, these were stolen from our shop in Upton, Massachusetts around 3-4 weeks ago, it would be much appreciated if anyone dealing or has dealt with autocockers matching those descriptions from massachusetts in trades or sales in the past 3-4 weeks should check the serial numbers and if you have one of the above markers PLEASE contact me at the following....

    AIM: Pomcro435

    PM: Zedy

    Or reply here!

    I believe our shop will compensate/reward for the stolen guns!



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    New York Anyone?


    I sent a Large Money order for an 03 Shocker to Robert Stokes Jr. in Mastic, NY a MONTH ago. Since then I've been jerked around and ignored. Never did I get proof that the gun was shipped, and I haven't talked to the dude since I sent the money. The family claims he sent it, but it "got lost". They offered no proof of this and now are ignoring me.

    I filed a mail fraud complaint with usps, but I don't know what else to do. This is a lot of money to lose. Is there anyone in the area that can help me out?

    Check sig for contact info, I might not check this thread all the time.

    AIM: SpankyCF

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    Re: New York Anyone?

    Originally posted by clintfiore

    I sent a Large Money order for an 03 Shocker to Robert Stokes Jr. in Mastic, NY a MONTH ago. Since then I've been jerked around and ignored. Never did I get proof that the gun was shipped, and I haven't talked to the dude since I sent the money. The family claims he sent it, but it "got lost". They offered no proof of this and now are ignoring me.

    I filed a mail fraud complaint with usps, but I don't know what else to do. This is a lot of money to lose. Is there anyone in the area that can help me out?

    Check sig for contact info, I might not check this thread all the time.

    dude clint sorry to hear that I hope you get something out of it
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    12volt revy
    and a 12 volt warp

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    My 2k2 timmy got stolen. since then I have moved to Massachusetts to live with family.

    If anyone in teh San Fran area comes up with this then let me know.

    I wish i remembered what the serial number was.

    Bronze to Black fade BTW, and it was all stock. I have to find a new gun now.

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    I got a redz 3+2 3 pods (w/my school ID on them (William and school is Passis County Technical Instuite or PCTI))
    Along with that my 8 infintey 14' matching anadozeing blue marble barrel, and cow swamp all stolen.

    Would love to get my prised items back!

    Thanks 4 looking guys!
    Team Red Demons, sponsored by Rex Plex, National Paintball Supply, Shooters & looters, & wildwood paintball + more coming soon!
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    Parsippany NJ

    Stolen Gloss Black X-mag

    A player on 1 of our sister teams had a Gloss Black X-MAG stolen in New Jersey. Serial number on the valve and box is xt00241 It has a non milled battery pack and vert feed. Please keep a eye out for it guys.
    you can contact me or him

    my email is
    his is

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    Angry friends dads store robbed

    yeah my friend's dad's store used to get robbed like every week and they would steal everything from paintball guns to rifles to handguns to ammo. until they were driving by the store one night and they saw kids throwing rocks in the window tryin toget in so his brother went out and smashed the kids' heads together and called the cops. after that tey moved the store a ways away

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    Someone Stole My Barell.. And Sold It

    My barrel from my original micromag rt was stolen.. then sold to this 9 year old kid with a cocker.. i didnt use the barrel so i didnt see the point in taking it back.. but WHO DOES THAT... steels a barel from a field reguler.. then sells it to another field reguler.. BUNK
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    Vernal, Utah
    I am asking for the help from the Paintball Community to catch thieves who broke into Millennium Layton Utah Saturday May 1st and stole the items listed below. If you see these items please call me with information. 801-544-9844.

    E-Orracle Orange to Black Fade w/palmer pneumatics (Hand built by Matt Telford)
    Angel Speed Silver Dust
    NightKast Blue
    Alias Intimidator Black w/Red tube
    Black Magic Black/Chrome
    Outkast Maroon


    -Allen Turner
    Millennium Paintball
    Layton 801-544-9844
    Ogden 801-627-9844
    Vernal 435-828-3300
    Bryce Eden
    Millennium Paintball Vernal Division

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    missing tequila fade emag (i just call it red) i cant remember the serial stolen recently at naughty dogs jr tryouts.

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    Mobile, Alabama

    Gun was stolen out of the Pensacola, Florida area. I know I've been an *** at times here on AO but if you can help me out in any way shape or form please PM me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    guys, we need to be more specific on some of the gear. there are hundreds if not thousands of markers out there that look the same. List any features of your marker that differ from any other. that way we can look for specific things.

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    I have lost a black matrix at Headrush Extreme Park in Syracuse. It is serial number 01464 and is gloss black with a red dust breech, feed neck, and back plate. It has a centerflag (stock) reg, PBC LPR, and a silver bolt (image, I think.) It is very distinguishable because it has the two bottom holes drilled out for the buttons on the LCD screen. If you have ANY information about this marker please contact me!

    AIM: Oo GTR34 oO
    Email #2:
    PM: Here, PBNation, or Matrixowner but my sn there is DyeMatrix2004

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    fort wayne indiana

    Angry theft and fraud problems

    My room mate stole my AO I.D. (zabbu) and used it to rip off my younger brother i do not know if he actualy sold his minimag or simply gave it away but i do know that it was an older minimag probably with an RT valve offered, stickered, intelliframed J trigger w/ intellifeed and 3 or 4 barrels. It was rather sentimental to him. i just found this out after i got back into the states. That was yesterday and my brother says that it was stolen almost a year ago. I feel awful for whom ever he screwed on this one. If the person who bought it from him/me*angry face here* would contact me i would happily pay shipping if they still have the marker. I know my brother would like to recieve his minimag back. I am currently letting him use my viking but i would like that back too =).
    thank you AO for your help.
    OH time frame info, this was done AFTER the indiana AO day but before the onset of winter according to my brother.
    Please contact me with a PM thank you.
    Proud owner of a 98 Eclipse cocker with Eblade, and soon to be warped!
    If you get bored AIM ME!

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    jtm560 Guest


    my local store/ feild was brokin into andd was robbed yestterday night

    they took the following

    1 tippmann 98 custom

    1 bob long Milleim with new e grip

    2 cases of blitzs

    1 68ci 3000 psi nitro tank

    5 9oz co2 tanks (with Rickz Gamez ) stickers on them (Blue)

    a 32 degrees hopper


    parihnna e

    pod pack 3+1

    I dont know the serial numbers or the name of the tank . if u have any info or c these up 4 sale plz let me know . i hope to ketch they ppl , i am an employ there and am very angery. plz help me and the owner get these items back
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    Channahon, IL
    The Saint was recently lost in shipping, and is presumed stolen. If anyone should come across it, please give its possessor my warmest regards, preferably upside the head.


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    No friggin way, dude, that sucks. I love that gun.

    Rest assured, if I see it in anothers hand, I will smite them in thy name

    Team Sandbaggers.
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    My friends Equipment was stolen out of the back of his car, on August 6-7, in St. Charles (suburb of St. Louis) Missouri.

    Equipment List:

    Blue Shocktech Intimidator w/ Dye grip and torpedo regulator
    Blue V-Force Profiler mask
    14 inch Evil Pipe kit, w/ red fade
    14 inch Evil Ultra light tip black
    Black Shell Evo 2
    Clear Shelled Evo 2, with Z-board
    Redz Gear bag
    14 inch pull through squeegee
    Carbon Fiber 68ci, 4500PSI (ACI Bulldog) w/ 450psi output
    Black Dye tank cover
    Red Empire Gloves w/ 2 trigger fingers cut off.

    If anyone knows ANYTHING about this theft, please contact me IMMEDIATELY:
    EMAIL: jdraughn -at- teamwatchmen -dot- org
    AIM: z4ri0k
    Yahoo!: zariok

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    hustlers indoor paintball

    here's the serial number for a gloss blue dm4 stolen from NEWTON NJ at HUSTLER INDOOR PAINTBALL pretty rare in NJ

    s/n# 0641607

    here's the number for an xmag that was also stolen from that place

    s/n# xt00241

    Oh you got an anti chop bolt? Put your toungue in there and prove it to me.


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    Ice Weasel Guest
    Yea, I almost got ripped in a deal ... I feel sorry for peepz that get taken advantage like that.

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    Los Angeles, Ca.

    Stolen Fly'ed Carbon Angel 4 S/N 8304

    Stolen Fly'ed Carbon Angel 4 S/N 8304

    Gun was stolen from me in a trade, the individual wrote me a stolen check and showed falsified/tampered Identification.

    Thiefs Information:

    Real Name: Reagan Vo, other name used, Josh Pauli
    Pbnation SN's: KrAzIeTeDdY and PbFnAtIcPrInCe
    Emails: and
    Location: EagleRock/Los Angeles Area
    He has been writing stolen checks from a person in San Francisco.

    I have more information and various reports including to my local police department have been filed.

    Picture of the marker and description:
    Carbon A4 Retroflied at Serial Number 8304
    Black Unimount
    Silver Checkit feedneck
    Silver Master Tech trigger with Magnet Mod

    Also stolen with the marker was a LP 70/4500 Stubby Crossfire Tank with a red Dye tank cover

    If you have any information please contact me through the following

    Name: Patrick
    AIM: Aluxpxs
    Im registered on,, and and can be PM'ed through all with the SN: Alux

    Or you can call and say you have information on Patrick's stolen marker/angel and ask to speak to Allen. Hes the airsmith and a good friend of mine.

    Thank you for your help.
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    New jersey of course
    My friend has a Stolen VIKING serioal # 536

    Here is a link to the PBnation thread. Pics on second page. Also my friends tank and halo was stolen.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Theif is known as "big norm" if u see him shooting that viking or an all black ironman timmy, take it and contact me, you will be rewarded.

    Thanks for any help


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    Syx80 Guest
    This what I would do to somebody if touched any of my stuff this is what I would do.

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    i sent one guy $230 on paypal he acepted adn then sold the b2k4 with pds to some local guy then bought an A5 without everthinking once about what he owed me. Now he has to get the money back sson his name: Adam Waldam and he stole my money.don't do any business with him.

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