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    My Gun was stolen along with my case last weekend from the Christian Camp I work at..

    Black Y Frame W/ Luke Y Grips & Red Blade Trigger
    Black Logic Alpha Rail
    Black ULE Body
    Red CP Twistlock Feedneck (Halo B Collor)
    Balck X valve w/lvlx & ULT
    Black 15^ ASA
    Red CP Gas Thru
    Black Luke offset Rail
    2 Piece CP nickle back & Red tip Barrel (not Pictured)
    Red Kapp on/off too
    Stock black feedneck

    also in the black case was a purple sterling stp, 88/45 with guerrilla air reg, and a matching red/black revy

    Supposively the director saw 3 people on camp when they came back from church last sunday one of which was a previous staffer... The other 2 friends were said to be acting very suspicious..I believe the friends are from Virginia

    The Kid who was on staff is Chris Walters

    They also tried to break into the camps paintball room as we have evidence from the door lock..

    We have notified the police and they have already started to look into the situation. If you see this gun please contact me at
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