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Thread: College Paintball

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    College Paintball

    I am very interested in starting a college paintball team at my school. I was wondering if anyone here attends a college that already has a team, and if anyone could give me ideas on how to get started in organizing a competitive team.

    I also would like to know who to contact about making sponsorship deals, or some college team discounts, particularly on paint for practice since I highly doubt Bradley will want to pay for a case of paint per person per day of practice.


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    I go to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). We have a paintball club/team. It just got approved, so we're really new and dont have a budget yet. By next year we should be getting some cash I'm not sure how it was started. I think it was just a bunch of guys who played paintball. They wen't to the school administration (I'm not sure what part), and since they had enough people, they called it a club. As far as discounts go, just talk to local fields, most will do some sort of group discount if you have enough people.

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    Here at Kansas State, a bunch of players got together and went through the schools red-tape to form a club.
    Once you are an offical club, you can then petition the fiance board for money. Although dont expect to get anything because paintball is considered a harmful activity and the schools are scared to sponser it.
    You may get money for jerseys or something, but thats about it.

    As for discounts on paint/ect - your best bet is to befriend your local fields and dealers. A local field/store sponsers us, and cuts us a 10% discount in the store and on the field. Paint is also discounted a bit.

    Good Luck.

    check out they have quite a few resources there. also if you have a school club and arent involved in the collegiate tourneys yet, get your club signed up!

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    1st of all you have to have a Team in your college first
    2nd after when you've got a Team, talk or discuss with your advisor(can be any teacher in your college) but make sure that you make them feel good with Paintball

    3rd try to get some Trophy

    that's it!!!!
    make your team cool keep practicing
    and everyone will join the club!!!!

    the Results is very improtant

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    I am just starting one to we have all our stuff in we just have to meet with the board. If you need help or need an example constitution just email me

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    You might also want to talk to established clubs,

    I know PennState has a club as dose Ohio Stete, and Puredue and Nortre dame.

    Try gettign intouvh with the club pressedent and see what they can do about giving you infor mation.

    Also I know that there is a couple of small college tourney circutes and tehy have up comming events. I know that the MICT is being held at Chalenge Park near chicago on Oct 20 . This is a five man tourney and is being put on by last years winers Purdue, For more infor mation try getting hold ot the Purdue club Vice president, her name is Karen dunn.

    I hope this helps you get started, and maybe we wills ee you at teh MICT tourny in a few weeks.

    Team I haev no Idea

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    the kstate team is considering the trip up to Challenge Park for the MICT has all the info on that tourney and more.

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    Hey, well I will see you there, even though I am not playing, I have been out of college for many years, It should be a good tourney, with some excelent prizes .

    Team I have no Idea

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    I am the V.P. of the Michigan Technological Universities paintball club. Check out our site at

    here is something one of our members wrote up

    this should get you started later Andy Hills

    See everyone at MICT on the 20

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