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Thread: Did AGD forget about the RT?

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    Did AGD forget about the RT?

    I can't believe this. I own a regular, super semi RT. It's almost like they forgot about me, and all other RT owners. I sold my 68 classic to get a Warp, and I had hopes of tons of add-ons for the RT, but I haven't seen jack come out for it. I sold the one gun I had (that was eligable for all these new mods) for something that is dead. The intelliframe will barely fit, and you have to request it to be drilled for the RT. The modular bodies won't fit them, and they probably won't do regular RT to E-Mag conversions. What happened here? Listen, you still have many faithful RT owners out there looking for new things to put on their guns. Peronally, I would like to get a modular body, a new super bolt, and an Intelliframe for my RT, but it won't be possible. I have been thinking of sticking my warp on a Defiant and keeping the RT as a backup or maybe even selling it. I like AGD the most, but if they can't stay behind a product that THEY created, then why have it? Defiants are better than Angels I hear, and they are at a nice, low price.

    How many other RT owners out there are waiting in vein for modifications that won't ever be realized?

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    Evo-loo-shun.. evolution, the rt evolved to be easier adaptable and upgradable... the classic rt is still favored by some and will have new products availible when the RT pro has new ones
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    Good to know that somone of Tom's status seeks "relief" from a sport he helped create. A sport now ruled by a single patent.

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    I have an intelliframe on my RT and it works great, fits perfect. The hole being drilled is NOT a big deal. Also the super bolt will work fine with it, I plan on picking one up as soon as they are available.

    The modular bodies won't fit only because of the valve design, that's one thing you have to live with.

    As for the Emag conversion that happens to be something I'd never do. If I wanted an Emag... I'd buy one, not try and ghetto rig a gun that wasn't put together with being upgraded to electronic in mind. A buddy of mine has one of the few RT-Emag conversions and it took a lot of time and trouble to get it working properly. I know after that I wouldn't be totally confident in my gun on the field.

    AGD is not leaving the RT owner completely out in the cold, sure we can't have everything that will be available, but we can have most of it.
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    Do Angel LED owners get an upgrade to LCD? As a matter of fact, how many gun companies do major upgrades to their older products to update them? The RT just isn't compatible with other AGD guns, however, everything you named is possible to get for your RT except for the Modular body. The E-Mag conversion is possible, it's just not a cheap thing to do and it'd be easier to sell your RT and get a brand new E-Mag. AGD spoils its customers. It's almost as though you guys think everything AGD should be compatible. Life isn't always fair, deal with it.

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    I wouldn't change a thing on my RT. Just added a warp to it and it ROCKS!
    Got an E-Mag coming this weekend, so I get the best of it all!

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    I have posted about this subject many times before. I must say that AGD is not as loyal to their RT owners as one would think. Don.t for get that RT owners (like myself) were the ones that dished out $300.00 more to buy the RT before there was the E-Mag or RT Pro. Non RT owners should realize that we were very faithful and loyal to AGD to buy this gun in the first place when you were buying mini's and classics. Is it fair that we paid more and now we are forgotten and thought of as just complaining? The truth is I love my RT and believe me, I can buy any gun I want but I stick with AGD.
    The RT was the top of the line gun for AGD and now that is forgotten. The RT Pro is just a cheaper version of the RT. It has no gas-thru foregrip, intimidating main body of the RT, rail with air adapters, hardline, and my valve is more reactive than yours. But it was cheaper to build replica RT's and turn them into Pro's and E-Mags. The RT is where the quality is.
    AGD should realize that RT owners dished out the big bucks to buy the best. But I refuse to sell my gun and buy an E-Mag just because that is where the upgrades are. That is what AGD wants us to do. They want us to either buy new E-Mags or Pro's and toss our Rt's to make it easier for them. AGD is now running an assembly line company. Smart Parts has two guns where parts are not compatible and they make stuff for both of them.
    Tom, I really like you a lot but if you are going to do for one you have got to do for all. If you make upgrades for old guns you got to make it for all your guns.
    The RT was designed with the future in mind. That is why it has those extra are outlets on the rail. But because nothing fabricated from extra air outputs you scratch the hole gun. One of your selling points with the RT was that no matter what happens in paintball in the future the RT will adapt because of the air ports. But if you don't keep to that claim then the RT was just an experiment and I am a gerbel. Please make the E-mag and modular conversions available for the RT. As well as intelliframes available in stores for RT owners.
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    Danial - You know not what of you speak.

    Ok the RT was a more eligent way to run air. Everyone *****ED about the Banjo bolt. AGD paid attention to what the Owners said and went back away from running air through the rail into a Banjo bolt. They when back to the Classic design so they would have yet a 3rd style of gun/air/rail attachment issue.

    People like you piss me off. You expect that every thing get handed to you. Well gezzz life isnt like that. Deal with it.

    I dont see all the People with WDP Angel LED LE's etc asking for retrofit LCD's. I dont see Bud Orr upgrading all the pre 99/2k cocker bodies to the current spec. Things change gun change and designs change. Deal with it.

    Who are you to demand or EXPECT that every new mod will be able to fit on an RT ?

    For your mistaken on several issues.

    The Super Bolt will work fin in an RT as will the Inteli Frame. The People PLACING the damn orders have to just ASK for an RT InteliFrame and it will be shipped to them. Its not rocket science to ORDER the correct frame.

    The modular body at some point might be able to be modified to work with and RT valve. You your so Gung ho about it put a little effort into it and make a Spacer for the mainbody and have someone tap a hole in the side for an air passage. Again not rocket science, If you really want it that bad do it. Quit your belly aching it's getting old.

    Serving AGD customers since 93, wishing I could beat some common since into some of them about 5 hrs later.

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    Rob you will notice most of the time Daniel Morse posts it is to bash AGD. Me detects a certain amount of hate for AGD in his recent behaviour. He has a knack for oversymplification of the the facts and likes to twist history to fit his conclusions. I for one intend to ignore him.

    AGD, where we are so good we can do it with only ONE tube!

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    How about some more Questions?

    Why is the standard RT valve so much thinner than that of the standard/retro?

    I really liked the RT because it looked sleeker

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    I have several mags and of course one of them is a customed RT (milled & splashed). If the new super bolt will fit it, I'll be a happy camper. I plan on keeping this gun even though I'll be buying the new Modular Mag (cut & carved)with the warp feed.

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    Yeah - I dont know why everyone is coming down so hard on AGD and the RT. First off they are the ONLY company that even ATTEMPTS to make things backwards compatible and easily upgradable. WDP just wants you to sell your current angel for the super duper new one that comes out.

    Obviously some design changes have been made to the RT that prevent it from being upgraded as easily. Its not AGDs fault that they didnt forsee some of the issues ahead of time. No one can read the future. But they still stand behind the RT and service it and thier products they make still generally work with the RT. So - I guess I am just confused as to where the hostility comes from.

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    ah but its so simple

    seems everyone figures the world owes them something these days. people get unreasonably angry about damn near anything that requires them to pay their fair share, spend a little extra time or not be waited on hand and foot while someone wipes their hindquarters for them...tis the sad sad way of things. he who yells the loudest gets the most im afraid. should send em to live somewhere else for a couple years so they truly appreciate the luxuries they have. If you spend 20g on a car and a superior model is out a year later(as would be natural) do you throw a tantrum, whine and expect an upgrade? well...i guess some do.

    btw thanks army im now cuss free hehe
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    That was a perfect summary of what his crying was about.

    Yout go out and buy anything. Do you expect the original sega master system to be fitted to play a dreamcast game? So why try to belittle such a good company? AGD is the ONLY company I know of in the paintball industry that actually takes action based on the input they recieve from the players whouse their equipment. Tehre is nothing wrong with owning an RT over an RT pro. I use the RT Pro because of the compatibility to the other products.

    oh wait...

    Dear tippmann,
    I have a 1991 68 Special, I would like to have it converted to a Model 98. Since you make model 98's I assume that you wil change this over for me for free too.. thanks alot.

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