I can't believe this. I own a regular, super semi RT. It's almost like they forgot about me, and all other RT owners. I sold my 68 classic to get a Warp, and I had hopes of tons of add-ons for the RT, but I haven't seen jack come out for it. I sold the one gun I had (that was eligable for all these new mods) for something that is dead. The intelliframe will barely fit, and you have to request it to be drilled for the RT. The modular bodies won't fit them, and they probably won't do regular RT to E-Mag conversions. What happened here? Listen, you still have many faithful RT owners out there looking for new things to put on their guns. Peronally, I would like to get a modular body, a new super bolt, and an Intelliframe for my RT, but it won't be possible. I have been thinking of sticking my warp on a Defiant and keeping the RT as a backup or maybe even selling it. I like AGD the most, but if they can't stay behind a product that THEY created, then why have it? Defiants are better than Angels I hear, and they are at a nice, low price.

How many other RT owners out there are waiting in vein for modifications that won't ever be realized?