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Thread: HELP!! Intelliframe Revvy intellifreed PROBLEM!!!

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    Unhappy HELP!! Intelliframe Revvy intellifreed PROBLEM!!!

    ahhhhhhhh i just spent an hour doing the "intelliframe to revvy linkage" and my revvy just keeps on spinning when i turn it on. What did i do wrong? Where did i go wrong? AHHH help!!!
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    ben_JD Guest
    This is probably where you looked first, but make sure the roller switch isn't engaged (e.g. pushed down). Other than that, I do not know.
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    It will do that if you dont have paint in it because the EYE is still working!!


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    ben_JD Guest
    AGD makes a good point. I did this modification last night and was bamboozled (for lack of a real word) by the fact that the motor wouldn't turn off. The little light went off above my head and I proceeded to block the IR sensor and it stopped. I pulled the trigger and it spun!

    Very cool.

    Let us know if your problem is more chronic.

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    ha ha ha. that sounds like somethin i would do
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    ben_JD Guest

    My problem is of a different nature

    I had my intellifeed working perfectly. The intelliwire was hard wired into the Revolution, but I have a phono jack on the Intelliframe for the wire to attach. Of course, this phono plug is the precise location of my only non-hopper gun hit ALL day long. Of course the plug was decimated and needed replacement.

    Now, the Revolution's IR eye no longer works and the only way to activate the Revolution is by pulling the trigger.


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    a wire is touching another wire. happened to me. its works great now
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    ben_JD Guest
    Actually, I don't think any wires are crossed. I pulled the entire thing apart and made sure all connections were tight and that all wires were covered, but the IR eye still doesn't work. I think I may have fried the board and the roller switch is the only way to turn on the motor. That's not too bad, but if I break the plug again, I am history.

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    ben_JD Guest
    I am going to replace the phone plug with one I hope will be stronger (a plug with a 90-degree bend in it to lower the profile). I can only find reference to a 3-conductor plug on the Radio Shack website...will that work?

    The plug in question.

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