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Thread: pbfanatics sucks

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    pbfanatics sucks

    Any one ever delt with them? I have a new tank that is MIA, sent numerous emails, even called and they said that it didn't get shipped for some reason and that they would send it out 2 day air but it still hasn't shown up. Paintball stores suck, is there any businessmen that actually run a store, I am so tired of dealing with any of them, local or online. If the company I work for did business like any of these clowns, we down in flames in no time. Thats my rant for the day.
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    i havent a problem with pbfantics...
    cept they dont have mag stuff

    i am one of their more "respectable" shoppers
    (it only means, i spend lots and lotsa money every month there)
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    Oh man........pbfanatics

    They were the only place online I found that had the Empire jersey I wanted and Impy seal kit too. two birds with one stone I thought.... I placed my order online, waited a day less than a week and wrote them an e-mail asking about my order.

    I was told my order had not shipped because "we havn't got around to shipping it yet." Nice.

    I waited a few more days and called. The very friendly operator told me it was ready to go and would go out later that day. Cool.

    The next day I wrote another e-mail asking for the tracking #. "It hasn't shipped. The jersey is on backorder."

    I had them cancel the order reverse the charge to my PayPal account that day. I don't plan on ordering from them again.

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    Sounds like the exact run around they gave me. I bought a tank on PBNation 4 days after placing my order and I have that tank already, its pretty sad commentary for paintball stores when I can get products from online forums faster than their shipping dept. can get it to me.

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    Buy things from Logic. I purchased a tank and a mag from Logic, and he was more together than I was about it! (Of course, I'm a very, very indecisive buyer! Ryan'll tell ya!)
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