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Thread: Who had a great time at the AO Party? Whats your story of that night!?

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    Who had a great time at the AO Party? Whats your story of that night!?

    I show up late, because I had church. But i brought home the gold! I didnt win the costume contest though, but I did win something (I'll tell ya in a lil bit!)

    OK! I show up late around 8:20 or so, miss the singing of happy birthday, but im there, and Im having fun, trying to keep up, and they put the spotlight on Sarah! She says like "Yeah" or something then stops talking. They deceide to put the spotlight on someone else, and I Yell "ME!" And say "When I called AGD the otherday, the tech guy said I had alot of stuff" or something like that. So I got the spotlight! I posted what was said in another thread on the main forum called "A breif bit of the AO party, my speech!".
    Then the contests! I didnt win, but it was cool. Then the Door PRIZES! The first one was whoever could start a new thread in friendly corner that says "I Win" and put your name, number, and address wins a sweatshirt! I was already on AO so I race over there and do it. I thought I lost because there was like 7 other threads open with those headlines...BUT! They didnt follow the rules! Most either didnt type anything but letters, or just put their name! I READ THE RULES! And posted my name, address, and then after I read it over again my phone number! I WON BECAUSE I FOLLOWED THE RULES! I lost the other contests though, but after the second posting one, I had one lined up in classifieds, and one in main forum hehe. Then I hang around and talk to Tom and stuff...GUESS WHAT HE TOLD ME! His favorite cheese...Its Sharp Cheddar! I asked him and he answered me! WOWZA! And he was eating peanut M&Ms and made a joke about how M&Ms are best when you get the right M&M to bore match or something! WOWZA! And I ate a peanut M&M too! Because I had one left, and deceided to be like Tom!And then guess what...!? BlackVCG opped me! I was a op in the chat room(for about half a second...). But I was an op! Yep! Great Party! I hung around till there was like only three people or so talking. Then left, then came back! GREAT FUN! And someone told me I was popular now because of my "Endo" phrase! Yep! I was the circle of attention (hehehe) And I asked JJ Brookeshire if he quit because of his being a double agent for brass eagle, and if he was going back to brass eagle to build a plastic mag. He said a plastic mag would work if the VL necks wernt all weird or something like that! Yep...Im the man (hehehe)
    So post if you made it to the party, why if you didnt, if you won, what you did, and stuff!


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    It's great to see what 15 seconds of fame can do for a guy!!


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    WOW major, sounds like you had a blast!! HAHA! Now look what you did AGD!!! I was in there for a little during the beginning but my slow dialup connection disconnected me and I couldnt sign back on. Cable modems and DSL arent availible where I live. Not yet. me so sad. But Im glad everyone had a great time!! Thanks AGD for being the coolest damn bunch of people!!!

    P.S. MajorDamage, what does ENDO mean anyway hehe

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    In the midst of the chatroom festivities, I remembered... I had promised my wife that I would mow the lawn! Aaaaaaaa!

    So I sprint downstairs, fire up the mower (in near-total darkness) and proceed with a frantic 30 minutes of running around my lawn. After looking outside this morning, I realized that I didn't do too bad of a job, if you don't count a few mowed-down annuals... One mow-hawk stripe in the back yard, but I'll get it before I leave for work this morning.

    Aah well... I made it back in time for most of the contest announcements, anyway.

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    i DIG the mean-cussing face!!!

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    I missed it, that ticks me off. I had to go to an induction at the fraternity. I'm glad everyone here had fun though.

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    Originally posted by udtseal
    P.S. MajorDamage, what does ENDO mean anyway hehe
    udtseal...believe it or not, there's a thread devoted to that very question!

    Hmmm...just can't seem to find it right now. I thought it was in the 'Friendly Corner'.

    But anyway, 'endo' is some slang term for 'see ya later' or 'goodbye' that MajorDamage & his friends use.

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    The end of it?

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think we're never gonna hear the end of the fact that MajorDamage won something at the AO birthday party?

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    Yeah Endo is my "Goodbye" term! I was told im popular because of it! lol!

    By the way, Xzion, no you will never hear the end of it! Lol! I'll post dozens of pictures of me in my shirt with, and have it say "You lose, I win! LOOK WHAT TOM GAVE ME!"!! Because now I am king!

    AGD, yeh 15 seconds of fame (or half a second if you count me being opped, then I screamed that I was "King of the Ring" in the chat room for a couple minutes) will make me happy!

    And guess what! I had another great day! I got half a case of team colors(My favorite paint!) for the big game saturday! And at Food Lion, there was a cool Mountain Dew truck giving out FREE 1 liters of Mountain Dew: Code Red! I GOT THREE!
    Yes! Im getting lots of free stuff! So now its time for me to say...


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    i won a sweat shirt.... woo hoo! no i got a new shirt to wear while playing...... my good one got stolen with my gun, haha
    thanx tom.
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    I won a tshirt and a sweatshirt!!! Woo hoo!!

    John, I turned you into one buff hunk of man love!! If you looked as good as I made you, you'd be covered in ladies!! I swear!

    Anyway, it was a great time. Having John Amodea and the others stop in was awesome.

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    Didn't really seem like a party to me at all. But none the less it was...................
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    Woot Woot!!!!! I actually won something Wooohooo!!!!!!

    Yeah well my day started off as normal and i asked my anatomy teacher yesterday if i could borrow his camera for a costume contest today yeah i thought yesterday was tuesday lol!!!!Then in last period i found out it was wednesday!!!!!!!AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!I screamed out it in class i almost got a detention lol!!!!!!So i get home and ring up my friend(call friend) hes not home!!!!!Ahhhh again so i call back and leave a message and later i call back about 5:45 (oh yeah this is all eastern time lol!!!)to my suprise hes there woohoo im like bro i need to borrow your digital camera so he says i got to eat but i can come by at 7:00... So im like ok man thanks so him and his dad come over we install the sofware and by the time we got the stupid thing working right its 8:00 here 7:00 central then i run around like mad getting my towel sheet wig(for beard)and model rocket(i had to look all over for it!!!!)It was like 8:15 central time oh no i missed an hour oh it it's surely too late i scream ive lost lol!!!!So i get the pics taken the try to post them!!!(score its not to late i say!!)and file type is wrong so i pop open photoshop pro 7 and save it as a .gif file wahhoo its up and about 30 to 15 minutes later they judge it and i actually won waaahoooooo!!!!!!!Just made the deadline!!!!!!I couldnt believe it i kept saying i won a warp right? i did win a warp right i say ??? and they say yes then it sunk in and i jump up and down with joy woohoo i won woohoo i won being i was pissed because i didnt win jack at the senario game i went to!!!!!!!They gave away like 5 new lcd bushys it was awsome!!!And the rest of the night was also a blast i loved it so much man u guys are truley the best!!!!!Hope this isnt to long lol!!!!!
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    This is the picture i won with guys!!!

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