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Thread: Variations on Intelliframe -> Revvy hookup

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    Lightbulb Variations on Intelliframe -> Revvy hookup

    Figured I'd start a new thread for AOers variations on AGD's slide show of how to hook up an Intellifeed from your Intelliframe to your Revolution aka

    I thought it'd be nicer for you modem users out there...I shudder at the thought of how long it takes that particular thread to load up with all those pics!

    Here's another thread on how gadget68 cut the hole in his Dye stickies for the intellifeed wire to come out of:

    My particular Intelliframe -> Revvy hook up is a mix of AGD's instructions and of the wiring diagram at: which I found in the historic post forum. Specifically, Thanks DryIce & magc68!

    Below is a pic of how I run my intellifeed wire to my Revvy. As you may notice, I put the phono plug (Radio Shack part #271-247) in the side of my revvy just in front and a bit below of the power switch. I just figured it'd fit better there vs AGD's placement of the intellifeed wire port. I am also using a 90 degree elbow connector, details of which are in the post immediately following this one.

    On the microswitch, I used some 'Insulated Crimp Female Quick Disconnects' from Radio Shack, part # 64-4039. This particular bag of parts has two different sized connectors - .250 & .187 inches (5 of each). I used the .187 inch connectors. The connector for the frontmost post on the microswitch I had to trim down a bit to fit within the Intelliframe.

    Why am I using these quick disconnects on the microswitch you may ask? Even if you don't ask, I'm tellin ya anyway! I originally used solder to connect the wires to the microswitch. However, this didn't work out so well. With all the fiddling I was doing with the layout of the wiring, I was stressing/bending the soldered wire (not very thick or strong to begin with) so much that they'd break. So I ended up soldering stuff more than once, which rapidly grew quite tedious and annoying. Grrrrrr.

    With the quick disconnect connectors, rewiring life becomes much more pleasant. Besides, I intend on eventually buying a Warp Feed, so I'd have to do a bit of rewiring there.

    Or...maybe I'll win a Warp Feed in one of AGD's contests.
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