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Thread: diet, exercise, weight

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    diet, exercise, weight

    a year ago i switched to a desk job, and due to my complete lack of physical movement at work and little activity since leaving highschool (with the exception of the occasional paintball day) i have managed to gain about 20 pounds and a couple of inches on my waist. how do i lose this!!! before talking to my doctor (i need to go in anyway) i want some real-world succes/failure stories. would removing fastfood from my diet and running a couple times a week be able to remove that fat? i used to run regularly for a while, but i never noticed any fat lose, just muscle gain.

    any advice or laughing would be welcome.

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    I run alot.... run for more than 20 minutes and the carbs your body has stored will be burned, then you start burning fat....
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    It is generally accepted that you must be at the sweat producing point for at least 20 minutes in order to begin burning your stored fats. Best time to work out is early morning, when your stomach is empty. This leaves only your stored energies to compensate, be sure to eat a balanced, light, breakfast after complete cool-down.

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    Well I lost about 65 pounds in about 6 months to a year or so by eating low fat stuff, and I also worked cleaning up construction sites which helped .

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    His name is Jared, and he'll lead you to Sub...oh never mind.

    I'm right with ya restola. Foo: Tae Bo is pretty good.

    Here's the problem I have. It's a catch 22: I am tired all of the time. So my wife says I need to exercise to get my metabolism or something going. OK...but I'm tired. AAAAAA. I have plenty of legitimate excuses as to why I am tired, but it all comes down to self DISCIPLINE. That is a hard one for get up even earlier than I already do and work I need to though.
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    Simply by switching to water instead of a soft drink at meal times you're supposed to lose a pound or more a week. I assume it varies person to person on the weight lost...Diet drinks dont count

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    I lost about 25 lbs or so to get back to my ideal wieght in under a year by cutting out empy calories. Drink diet pop or water, dont get that candy bar between meals, dont eat all the frys at mcdonalds. I also made a point to NOT eat right before bed time.

    I know its different for other people, but I didnt it with very little effort and dont really keep track of it. I just notice that Im lighter when I goto the doctor and get wieghed.

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    I have the opposite problem. I load up on hamburgers, pizza, steaks, candy bars, ice cream, and what have you... and I can't gain weight. Go to gym... can't gain weight... I drop weight! Too bad we can't trade problems for a brief period...

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    THe girll gets some insight..yes!

    I have a story that I don;t tell many people.. what's it matter?

    I personally think I'm fat. However, I swim compettavly (practice 6 days a week 2 hours a day) I run when I can (usually just a mile or so) and then, of course, I play paintball.
    The pounds don;t come off, however I took the WRONG ROAD and began the road to an eating disorder, but now.. eating healthy..helps. Cutting fast food will DEFFINATLLY help a lot

    Now I'm gunna shut up..

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    well, i've gained a few extra pounds over the summer and i think i may have gotten fatter. I don't do excersises alot anymore now that I do not have Gym in school anymore. But ihave been doing push ups more often. oh yah and I play paintball now and then if that counts...

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    hmmmmmm..... diet?!?!?!?!?! exercise?!?!?!?!?! "NO" fastfood??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    whats that..... i live out of vending machines and at the drive up windows of ratmacs, booger king, ground talkin dog on the halfshell, and the red headed... i'll leave that one to the minds in the gutter..... (that and its bad when most of the workers at 4-5 different fast food joints start up with small talk and use your name right after you order, and your behind a blind corner of the building)

    anyway stuck at a desk all day... ever see people that have one leg bouning that just seems to keep going and going while they're sittin.... its not much, but it does work....

    that and takin lots of breaks during the work day help me not to gain wieght.... for me losing it well is another story all 2gether
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    my story


    i weighed 130 (im 6'1") when i graduated college...spent about 2 hours in the gym (freeweights, not nautilus) and PIGGED out after the workouts...gained about 50 lbs in a year (lol...SOME of it was actually muscle, too!)...try some weight gain stuff from GNC...i used metabolol, with a banana in the evenings as an after dinner snack...MAKE SURE YOU ARE ACTIVE when you do this...or it WILL turn to fat

    restola--after my 50 lb weight gain, i got married, then gained another 40 lbs (over 10 or so years, and on/off workout spurts)...i WAS at 225 (still 6'1") about a year ago...started working out (again), and made it down to 203...cutting out the beer helps (a lot) for me...but, sometimes, you GOTTA keep the beer gods happy so you will have a good have heard good and bad things about the weight loss supplements (metabolife, xenedrine, diet fuel), so use them at your own risk...they DO make me hyper (leg bouncing, like virus said), and your body temp seems to increase, (sweating for NO reason), but give it a try, it MAY work for you.

    Army is right about sweating for AT LEAST 20 minutes before your body starts dipping into its stores...and the morning IS the best time to workout (testosterone levels are at their highest), BUT in the winter, its TOUGH to get outta bed that early. Second best time is in the afternoons between 4-6 pm, because you have been active, and you can get motivated to make it to the gym...however, thats also when most gyms are the most crowded (may not be a BAD thing, depending on the male/female ratio at your gym

    enough of my blah-blah-blah-ing...hope this helps


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    It's very hard to for me to do (I'm big into homebrewing) but when I cut my beer intake in half the weight quickly starts to come off. Of course then a new batch is ready and I'm right back up there again.
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    I couldn't tell you how, I,m 6'2 and 245 and have some extra fat and sit in a truck all day I could stand to loose 5-10 pounds but I don't care

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    I can very much help you and would be happy to. About 2 years ago I was 310lbs with a 46 waist and completely lethargic. Today, I am a solid 230lbs, 36 wiast, 17inche biceps etc... And I am following my dream of becoming a Navy SEAL. I am also a health and excercise science major in college. So, if you have ANY questions PLEASE fell free to email me:

    One way to start on the road to weight loss would be to join a local gym. You dont have to, but routine is KEY to successful excercise programs. Once you start being more active regularly, you will feel like a million dollars. Running occasionaly like you said you did is good, but you need to do it more often to be successful. Think of fat like this: 1lb of fat = 3500 calories. So, if you put a 400 calorie defecit a day in your caloric intake then its very possible to loose a pound of fat a week. Putting a 600 calorie defecit is better as you can see. Doing 30 minutes of cardio activity every other day is a good way to loose 2 lbs a week. Its very possible.

    I have tons of great info I can give you , i can also help you plan a weekly schedule if you like, as long as your SERIOUS about it.

    Hope this helps.

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    I went to basic this summer. Split Opt with the Reserves. I went to By Far the easiest basic in the Army, and i cut a lot of fat, and gained 15 pounds. I would say cut the soda, Fast food, and try workin out in the morning.

    not only is it good for you, you really do feel better all day long. . . but then ive been home for 6 weeks now and i havent done PT since i left Ft Jackson.
    Meh, at least i dont drink pop or eat mcdonalds.

    You just have to make your calorie intake meet your activity rate. If your a lazy slob then eat 2000 calories a day. If you have lots of physical activity in a day eat as many cals as you can. Works for me.

    2000 calories per day. . . 2000 paintballs per case. . . coincedence??? hmmmm. . .
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