Cphilip posted a desperate plea for the 4500 systems so here is an update. We were having problems with about 15% of the systems deforming the reg seat under pressure. Here is what they looked like at two extremes.

Can you see the difference? We sure can. The fix is to modify the design to make the seat deform in a controlled way to make sure it keeps the shape we want. This takes several tries to get it right. NOW WE COULD HAVE shipped them out to YOU and had our customers test the different configurations and just update you later but that's not our style.

We tested several different designs and think the one we tesed today will work the best. Here is a new seat next to a used seat, you can see they look almost the same size. This was only ONE test system.

Now the question is, do we test ANOTHER batch of 20 units and see if we get failures? There are two ways to look at this, first since the failure rate was only about 15% anyways ANY improvement would most likely mean they would work acceptably, go ahead and ship a big batch to customers. The other side of the coin, since you changed the design you may not know ANYTHING about what will happen, you should start the testing from scratch to be SURE. So I ask you my loyal customers, what would YOU do if you were me? Remember Christmas is coming up.