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Thread: Paint getting smaller?

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    Paint getting smaller?

    Anyone noticed that medium bore paint is diminishing? The new RP seems to be all small bore. Diablo Blaze, that before fits really good in my AA is now really loose. Maybe because small paint will fit in all size barrels when medium bore paint breaks more in small bore barrels. What's everyone's take on it?
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    Marbs are very small here. And Proball used to be small, but now its medium...I don't know why. I don't know why there are so many small bore paints though, because Id say most barrels are .689 which is a larger medium bore. I like using my carbon fiber barrel the best which is a smaller medium bore, so I wish everything was the right size for that .


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    OMG please dont tell me they are changing paint sizes again!! I had enough of a nightmare with paint this weekend!!

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    Lots of parts on my body are getting smaller too!...except for my gut that is.

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