Hello again
yes its me again, Mr Q/Needs an A. I need the real 411 on the Long Nose bolt. I know they are designed to reduce blowback. But have always wondered how to tell whats long nose and what isnt.

I called AGD's Tech line for some answers but it didnt seem to help. I forgot who I talked to, but he said the main difference between the Long nose and the regular bolt is that the long nose has the "nose" or contact point of the bolt more shrouded within the bolt's tube. He said from far, the two will look alike, but if seen from upclose sideways, the regular bolts nose will protrude, while the long nose will be hidden (which is why he claimed they should actually be called "long neck" bolts.

AGD? Moderators? Comments? This came to my attention because My Micromag and my friends Minimag have the exact same bolt, no differences at all (other than his being more worn). The tech also said dont wory about it, the long nose was developed mainly for the center feeds to reduce blowback and increade feedrate. He claimed it has almost no effect on powerfeed mags? Is this true, or does it increase performance on ALL Mag designs? Is there a bolt exchange policy? Let me know. Hyper