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    I was thinkin about gettin an e-mag for christmas(the one after the upcoming one) or for my birthday(same as with christmas) next summer and I just wanted to know if anybody had any ideas for what accesories I should get with it? Is there any problems there is to know about or anything that any of you with an e-mag didn't like about it. I've read the review on PBstar and it sounded pretty good except for the choppin part and the breakin paint aspect. Those don't bother me a WHOLE lot, just a little. I do play in the front and from wht i've heard it'a a good "up front" gun. The thing I really want to know about is what things I should get with it. I alreay know i'm going to have to get a nitro tank and a revolution or evlution hopper but I don't know what tank I should get. I'm not getting this gun for over a year but I'm trying to get a good idea of what I'm gonna get ahead of time. -BOB
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    The stock barrel is good but you should get the freak barrel with the 12 inch front. I don't chop paint in E-mode.
    Just don't use brittle paint. hope this helps.

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    Dude, if you really are going from a Raptor to an emag, you don't need any accessories to start with. Just bask in the sweet glow of good American craftsmanship....Then get a warpfeed!

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    I absolutely love my emag. I couldnt be more happy with its performance.
    The ball chopping is all a huge rumor from days long past. I very rarely chop a ball, and when I do its my own fault. ie: forgot to turn on revy, warp needs battery change, shooting upside down for 4 minutes.

    In emode, you have to physically try to break a ball, unless your using old, brittle paint. In which case you should be beaten with a broomstick.

    Accessories...A freak system and warp feed will change your paintball career.
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    for Front Man just use Palmer custom 10inch barrel it's perfect.
    Oh if you buy an Emag add warpfeed too.

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    What about the tank?

    Any ideas on what tank i should get? Money isn't really a problem b/c if I start saving now I should have around 2000 by next christmas. Sorry about posting twice it was an accident. My computer got stuck so i was pressing alot of stuff and accidently reposted it. -BOB

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    I've got a 68/4500 Centerflag Dynaflow. It's great tank. Nice and light and easy to maintain. It's also backed by a company with customer service almost as good as AGD's.


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