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Thread: Another post about how 'mags' suck...

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    Another post about how 'mags' suck...

    This again, from a member of PbNation named Richy_C.

    His 1st post:

    "People alway brag about size, and it's bull, what doesn't hit your guns gunna paste you hopper or tank. Mags are old designs, out dated, and just not as fast as the mor omdern markers."

    His 2nd post:

    "The only reason jax play w/emags is because they are sponsered. And thats not the marker thy use when not playing tourneys, thats where they use their cockers or angels, just like freak factory."

    His 3rd Post - a response to a challange thrown by a poster with an RT Valve:

    "Do i give a **** if your gun recharges faster? no. In all likely hood neither you or i can shoot above 10bps. I used to owna mag, i maitained it perfectly, but it still chopped, coughed, and jumped on the chrono. The cockers come out w/a new version every year."

    Notice the bold print in his 1st and 3rd post? Especially the part where he says Mags just aren't 'fast' as modern markers. Then he goes on to say how he doesn't care if a certain mag recharges faster, since neither of them can ever go above 10bps.

    Smart guy... Maybe he's learning from his own posts.

    His 5th post:

    "My mag broke down because ofnormal use, and i've had my bushy longer, it's yet to even leak. And you think your marker is so high and mighty because of ****ty *** efficiancy, and horrid tolerances? You sir, are a moron."

    You sir, are a moron?

    What a moron.

    I truly hope that as our sport grows, those new to the sport won't be educated by experts such as Richy_C.
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