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Thread: Another post about how 'mags' suck...

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    Oh yeah , my mag chops like crazy!

    Here's how much paint i've wasted by chopping.

    From april or may of 2001 , to august of of 2001.
    In that time i put 3 cases of paint , the paint i used was Brass eagle ( i had to use it in road 2 aruba ) a case of TC , and a case of NPS seconds , along with assorted types.

    In that time i also played 2 tourneys. Starting in april till august i never chopped or broke a ball. The 1 time i chopped in that period was in august , which ended my little point about my mag. When i broke that ball , it was by me going over a bunker and plastering a guy , while doing that i had 20 balls left in my hopper. With any gun , it'd chop. Also , it isn't like i don't fire fast , i have been tested at 11bps on my mag, which i sometimes do ingame.
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    LOL! Thanx Shartley!

    ENDO!(That was for me also!)

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    Question AGD can you answer??

    I was talking to AGD Europe and Jackie was talling me that it is hard to keep up with the orders for classic mags. Can AGD say more? Are they still selling or have the numbers dropped off. Don't need specific numbers, just verify what I heard. Thanks,D

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