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Thread: Need some serious server help (Webby again?)

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    Question Need some serious server help (Webby again?)

    Okay, thanks for the answers in the other threads guys, now I have a couple of more questions and I'm in a situation I'd really like to get resolved. Alright - here it goes.

    Basically, my friends and I have agreed that it'd be really great to have our own message board in which we could post topics and stuff about things we think are important, et cetera, et cetera. I looked into vBulletin, it seems very promising, except I have very little $$$ right now. So....I found this other forum called "Snitz". Out of all the free forums I've found, it seems to be the best (

    Anyway, in order to run it, you need to get mySQL (or a couple of other databases, but I'd like to use mySQL). The problem is - I have a server I can use, but it's not hosted on my computer or anywhere near me. How can I get mySQL up and running when all I have is FTP access to the server?? I'd really like to get these boards working, but I need database software first. If you check the site, they mention some other programs you can use instead, but I run into the same situation, how can I setup and manage the database software from my box?

    Again, any help that can hopefully lead to resolving this situation would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks guys.

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    As far as I know:

    You'd need shell access, or someone sitting at the console, or a virtual console to set it up.
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