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    Question Q-Loader vs Warp

    For those of you who have used either the Q-Loader or AGD warp-feed (or both), which system do you guys like better? What are the pros and cons of each system? I am planning to buy one of them in a couple weeks so any input would be very appreciated (plz don't just answer which you like better.. lemme know what you liked and disliked w/ whatever you used).

    Thanks in advance.

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    only used a warp and it worked great never had any problems and the q-loader is probably just as good in its own rights but it only holds 100 or so balls and can be time consuming and a pain to refill as opposed to a warp with 12 vlt revvy can hold near 210

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    I'd go with the Q.
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    the warp feed still uses gravity to feed through the hopper on top of it so it is next to impossible to get a long string with the gun inverted so much that the hopper isnt feeding.. q-loader relies on spring pressure so you can shoot the full thing with the gun upside down if you chose to do so but it only holds 100 rounds and during the time it takes you to load you are pretty much a sitting duck. so it comes down to which attribute you like best shoot anywhere anytime(q) or beable to reload and hold more paint at any given time(warp)

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    May I ask why you aren't sticking with a regular hopper?

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    the warp has so many downfalls. if your paint is to oily, itll slip on the discs. also, with my old warp, anything that went wrong did- battery cable came off the board, screws came out, etc. also, it makes your gun pretty heavy and bulky. The only advantage to the warp that i could see was a much smaller top profile. dont get warp, and try out a qloader on a gun to see how you like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teufelhunden
    May I ask why you aren't sticking with a regular hopper?
    Well, i would like to try playing w/ a smaller top profile since i usually get tagged on my hopper or mask so i'm sure it would help.. plus i like how ppl might think i'm just looking at them if they don't see a hopper sticking out of the bunker.. to me a little suprise goes a long way.

    So far, i think i'm gonna go with the Q.. but it is a little pricey so i'm still not too sure.. but thanks for the responses guys and keep them comin!!

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    TheSaint Guest

    Thumbs down F Q-loader

    I liked the Qloader but what kind of crap is this?

    I deal with a lot of dealers and wholesale stuff medical and paintball and have never ever got any thing like this some times I wont order a thing for a year and still have acounts.
    it just sounds like crap to me. Now that I get at least five guys a week that realy want one and now im not even selling them to them and gee I wonder why? has and other shops got any thing like this or not ?
    I realy dont care
    1. I dont have the time to show evrey one that got them how to use them
    2. the price went up on them
    3 any dirt or grain of sand locks them up

    its just the fact that I did sell a nice chunk of them to people and this is how they do **** well **** Q loader

    they lit the match that burned their own bridge.

    May 14, 2004

    Dear Q-Loader Dealer:

    We regret to inform you that due to insufficient and/or irregular
    sales order volume from your company over the past 60 days your dealer
    status has been de-activated and your q-loader dealer account closed.

    Also, as of this date, new dealer agreements have been suspended.

    Kirk Alderson

    Ancient Innovations Corporation
    111a ransom road, po box 2999, weaverville, ca 96093
    voice 530.623.4522 fax 530.623.3978

    so tell me what you think ?
    is this just a small company that got action village to sell them and they said to them self f every one else?

    like i said I realy dont care but you should know how this company works and it sucks.

    and to tell you the truth stay with the warp feed it allways works and its ten times easyer to clean and yea so what it has batts.

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    I think Q-loaders are pretty nice, it's only holding 100 balls, that kills me. I like warp better for that main reason.

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    Here is me with my Q-loader on my micro:

    I thought it was nice for the first few games. Then I decided to superman into a bunker:

    The Q-loader took more of a beating then my warp could ever. I got up and the Q-loader was still feeding great. I just hated having to leave the field cause I was out of paint. I felt like such a NOOB! lol

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