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Thread: Eric Valdes !!!SCAMMER!!!

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    Eric Valdes !!!SCAMMER!!!

    Eric Valdes !!!scammer!!!
    I just don't understand some people. Why would you want to rip off someone? Ok I was to trade my Fly LCD, Pipe Kit, and Evo II for a Sony Vaio laptop, of course we were to send on the same day, and of course he didn't send his. This is the information he gave me.

    Eric Valdes
    1881 SW 21 St.
    Miami, FL 33145

    I believe the addy is fake, and possibly the name too. If anybody knows anything, or lives near this area, I will be more then happy to send money if you're able to get my stuff back for me. I don't care if it's the laptop or my paintball stuff. Also, if you have any info on what I should do?

    His AIM screen name is D hyPntk if you have talked to him before, and can give me any info, it would be appreciated. DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM, HE'LL RIP YOU OFF! He's tried to contact me, of course while I'm away, and he signs right off.

    Someone please sticky this thread, it needs to stay on top b/c I believe he's done this a lot more then once.

    Any additional info you may have please contact me. Also, if anybody lives in the Miami area, I will be more than happy to fund someone to help me find him or my stuff. Thanks.

    2004 Black/Chrome Prostock
    Orracle 3-way
    DART Bolt
    Freak Kit
    ACI Bulldog 68/4500
    Evo II

    AIM- Luv2Win2406

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    Has anybody ever talked with this guy, or anybody near the Miami area? I'd really like to get my stuff back

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    Take your first post and put it Paintball talk and you should get a better response and more help.

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