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Thread: E-LCD help!

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    Angry E-LCD help!

    I just got a Boo-Yaah E-LCD trigger frame for my mag and i can't get it to work. The on/off valve doesn't fit correctly and it looks like there is something missing in the second hole on the top of the grip. Can someone PLEASE help me?!?!?

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    Unhappy Boo-yaah is trash

    Yeah when I got mine it didn't work either. There is nothing I can do... go to an airsmith and see if you can get get an RT on/off valve that might work...

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    when i got my elcd frame it was broken too. so i sent mine to mako paintball products who did the engineering for elcd and they are fixing it for free. here is an article for where you can send it to.
    I'll see you in the center.

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    FSUpeej here is a link to a prior post made by a fellow ELCD owners.
    He had the same problem, with the on off valve. Actually As did I with my BOO-HOO, if I rember correctly.
    Ther are some pictures and install proceduers. any questions leme know.

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