i saw everyone else showin off their setup so i thought i would get some input on mine. sorry i dont have a pic though.

HL black teflon powerfeed mag
Eclipse kit, splash bonzia green
SP AA 14in. bonzia green
black pmi gas thru grip
microline to black CP flame drop
68ci 3k crossfire stubb
9v revvy
ans fomie
black benchmark 2x
Tribal symbal airbrushed* on the side (really cool!)

AGD Blade
retro valve
12v or warp
10 or 12in CP barrel

*if anyone wants info on painball airbrushing email me and i will give u the email of the guy who does it. he is a professional and has done lots of works with motorcycle, 4 wheeler etc. helmets. he has his own buisness and could probly send u a brocure of designs but he does custom work too. he is just gettin into paintball gun airbrushing so it might be a while before he starts that. my email is whitestag2000@hotmail.com