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Thread: Emag Extremes (Modular Emags)

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    Emag Extremes (Modular Emags)

    I had a few questions about em...See if you can help me.

    1. The Modular Emags on AGD-Europe's site....Are thoes the EXACT models the USA will get (in terms of milling design)? Reason I ask, is I want a bare-bones non-milled Extreme so I can send to get milled.

    AGD - yes

    2. If I get a Modular Emag, can I strip it down to nothing so I can get it anodized? (I ask this because of the wires and such...I dont want any going into a batch of acid)

    ADG - yes

    3. When will they be released in the USA? I havent seen any for sale yet.....

    AGD- starting around Christmas

    4. How much will the extra breeches be? I see that they aren't interchangable....So how much will they be?

    AGD - guessing around 75 not sure yet.

    5. Will they feature the AGD Superbolt and aluminum valve stock....Or could it be optional?

    AGD- probably Superbolt, alum valve in SFL's first.

    6. For a stock Modular Emag....How much do they weigh (with what kind of valve/bolt?)

    AGD - With stainless valve about the same as current Emag a few oz lighter maybe.

    If you can answer any/all of these questions THANK YOU!

    Also, where was the post for the Emag videos? I kinda want to see what all stuffs involved with one...

    AGD - call the factory
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