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Thread: metal Warp adapters... 90* & 45*'s

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    metal Warp adapters... 90* & 45*'s

    Currently NOT accepting orders,
    Will be an announcement when things get back up and running.

    Well I finally got around to making a dealers thread, but here they are, the 3rd batch of metal warp adapters!

    They fit bodies including: origional powerfeed, warp powerfeed, warp ULE, the warp breeches for SFL+X-mags, and most recently the adapter for the vertical ULE body that RogueFactor sells. From what I've been told by someone here on AO who purchased two of my adapters, they also work on the Q loader, which I suppose the hose is very similar.

    The 45* adapters are great for tight setups where the hopper is close to the body, the 90* is mostly used by people who wrap the warp hose around thier body. Both adapters are made out of metal; thus being crack resistant.

    I have them in Black only, but if there is enough demand I might do another run of electronickel plated adapters...

    As of now I am selling them for $10 shipped apiece, if you would like two, I'll go $16 shipped... anybody ordering more than two we'll have to work out a deal. Larger orders of course cost less per adapter than a regular order.

    ~add the $0.35 to order amount if you wish to pay through paypal... I'll eat the 3%...

    Shipping Info:
    Seeing as of how the adapters arnt very large in size, it saves money to ship them via USPS. Now we all know how well USPS handles our packages so I only ship the adapters in Tyvek envelopes ensuring that the package makes it to its destination in one piece. Some orders are cheaper to ship via USPS Air, some not, I usually dont go for the USPS Air because it costs extra but if the difference isn't that much I'll do it for ya. If you would like your order to be shipped in any other form, notify me in the PM and we'll see what we can do.

    Ordering Info:
    Send me a PM including the following:
    ~Name and address
    ~Quantity and type (45 or 90)
    ~When you plan on sending out the $$ (so I can have the shipment ready to ship ASAP)

    I usually ship orders out same day as I recieve payment, that is if the mail comes on time. Otherwise orders are usually shipped first thing in the morning next day.

    Payment Info:
    Now accepting PayPal!(add $0.35)... I still accept payment through snail mail. Some people like to send MoneyOrders, others have sent cash. There is always a risk of loosing mail with cash in it, so its your choice whether or not to risk it. Upon recieving an order by PM, I'll respond with my address for payment to be sent to, I'd like to not put my address out for the whole world to see (same with PayPal).

    Otherwise if anyone has any questions about anything, pop me a PM!... I'll try to help out as much as I can!

    and now for the pictures:

    If you've got a picture of your marker with one of the adapters on it, and you'd like it in this thread, Pm me with the pic... and I'll add it to the list!
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