...and to say I'm mad as can be is an understatement. It is NOT the color I requested, I wanted a bright red, what I have is a blue-ish magenta. The barrels look like they were painted by monkeys or a third-grader with finger paints.

I've been struggling for over 3 hours to clean out the paint that oversprayed inside all componants; barrels, Z-grip, body tube, twist lock tube, power feed. There is trapped dirt speckled all over and some parts of the frame are just barely covered.

Nothing was prepared like his web-site states, the AGD logo is still on the frame, but now covered in orange-peel. It wouldn't be there had the frame been bead=blasted as advertised.

The only parts that look good, despite the wrong color, are the ASA and the DF that I bead-blasted before I sent them.

I can no longer support Mr. McBain, nor his enterprise, and will recommend others to find alternate painting companies.


PS: This whole saga began on May 12th of this year. The first mailing was insured for too much and customs wanted big $ from Eric before he could recieve my package. He sent it back and I recieved it on May 28th. I re-mailed it the same day with much less insurance and Eric was able to have it delivered to his address. From this point on, I was informed by Email only once in over two months, on the progress of my gun. I Emailed him many times to inquire about it and only once was Email sent back to tell me he found a flaw and would have it sent out by the weekend; this was the 3rd of July. Yesterday, I Emailed again to ask where the heck my gun was. No response. Today, the nice mail lady said there is a package at the PO I need to pick up.

A total of over three months, $34 in shipping, $65 for the work (I added an extra $15 over his quote for extra attention to detail), only to get a piss-poor job of the wrong color.

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