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Thread: GREASYPIGEON feedback

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    GREASYPIGEON feedback

    post if i have done business with you.
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    it was a great pleasure to do business with him and the z grip and body were in absolutely great condition!

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    Body Rail with Internals and Sear purchased from this guy.

    TWO negative comments:

    1. missing rail bushing

    2. some sort of black paint on sides of body rail

    Apart from that, order was shipped promptly
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    Bought a Drop Zone II from GP. It was in much better shape than I had expected. Great deal with this guy!
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    Traded my Emag body for his Automag body. Everything went smoothly, package was shipped fast and everything arrived in good condition. Great trader, would definately do business with again
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    Sold an Automag Body to him. He sent fast payment and was a great communicator. Thanks again!

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    I bought an HPA tank from him. The price was right, communication was great, and shipping speed was very reasonable.

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