hey all, i was just thinking about the situation i'm in. i've been looking for a pistol to mess around with for quite some time. however, the only semi ones are just plain terrible. the pumps are decent, but so slow. yes, i know that the sydarm exists, and i know all about it. however, i was just wondering if a different design could be implimented. anyways, heres the basic idea. most pistols are the 3 tube design. most people will agree that this this is tall and pretty akward. i figured it would probably be possible to change it. imagine this. the pistol is made with a 2 tube design. the top tube is a spring fed tube/clip. the bottom tube is similar to a standard mag body, but it extends into a barrel, of maybe 8 inches or so. the body itself would have to be aluminum though. excess weight should be avoided in a pistol. the idea that would allow the whole thing to fit so well is a new valve design. the rear regulator section of the mag valve screws into the back of the valve assembly. what if, that connection was made on the top of the valve and the bottom of the regulator. this would shorten the overall length by about two inces. the regulator would fit inline with the upper feed tube. now, if the clip was spring loaded, theoreticaly, blowback wouldn't be an issue. for that reason, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to shorten the power tube and the bolt by about an inch. now, your looking at a mag that is at least three inches shorter off the back. that way, you can push the barrel back three inches. with a mag valve with an overall length of only about 3 inches, you could make an 11 inch pistol (some standard) with an 8 inch barrel. also, the body section would be thicker (like a regular mag body) than the feed tube above it. this snowmanish shape would be much more balanced then a three tube design. now, with some manufacturar modifications, agd is looking at a pistol that people would actually like! without spending 600 dollars on a custom pgp with all sorts of ugly **** hanging off the sides, of course. i figure the gun couldn't retail for more than 200 dollars. using standard mag parts would also be an awsome plus. anyways, thats my basic idea. feel free to praise it or shoot it down as you see fit...after all, i've got a million of em