Ryan at Logic doesn't have a feedback thread, and many people have called for dealers to have one. So, he gave me the go ahead to start one. If you've ever dealt with Ryan (Coolhand), post here and talk about your experience.

Here's what I have to say about my experience with Logic. I ordered an RT Custom from Ryan with the Logic Alpha Body Rail, Vert Frame, and Foregrip. First let me say the service was very slow and communication was not always the greatest. It took about 4-5 months to finally get my order. There were several complications that caused this.

However, when I got the order it was fantastic. Logic's products are topnotch quality. Sometimes you've got to be patient if you want something that is made well and with precision. That is just the case here. The wait was worth it. I can't say enough how blown away I am by the quality of my order. Also for the most part, the complications were out of Ryan's hands. And when they did occur, Ryan did all he could to pull through and fix the problem. And that he did. I now have in my hands a great peice of work thanks to him. The only other thing is the communication. Well, communication sucks with most good custom shops. They've got a lot of work on their hands and not that much time to do it in. I don't blame em. Thanks a bunch Ryan, Logic rocks!