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Thread: NEW Rules for posting in the Dealer's Forum - Please Read

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    NEW Rules for posting in the Dealer's Forum - Please Read

    Hello, and welcome to's Dealer's Forum.

    First of all, we request that if you are unfamiliar with our forum that you read our rules listed here:

    Basically we intend to use this forum to allow dealers and field owners to alert our users of sales, special offers, and upcoming events.

    You are not restricted on what you may advertise, for example you may advertise non-AGD products you may have on special. Of course, it would be nice to see AGD products being offered ;o)

    You may also want to consider giving a special deal to our users periodically. For example, "$5 off a $50 purchase if you mention sent you!"

    You are allowed to post pics and some HTML code, but be mindful of download times for users on modems. Please host your images on your site, and avoid using the "attachment" feature when possible.

    Be sure to include your email address in your signature so users can easily reply to your ad personally. You are allowed to list your URL and possibly a small banner in your signature, but if you plan on posting on the other forums, please keep your self-promotion reasonable in regards to the size of your signature.

    As always, you will need to adhere to our main forum rules, and keep everything in good taste.

    Private individuals are requested to please use the Classifieds Forum for selling thier goods.

    The following is the guidelines for posting of your products on the main Paintball Talk forum:

    Dealers can announce NEW AGD products in the forum with pictures and features for one thread.

    They can not talk price or delivery and those inquiries should be referred to a post in the dealer section.

    AGD products under development can be posted with pics in Talk with the purpose of getting actual feedback but will be moved to the dealer section if it appears to only be a hype generator.

    Old products with new colors and other minor changes do not qualify for posting in Talk and will be moved to Dealer.

    Known dealers will be given less latitude than paintball players trying to get their first product going.

    Special dispensation may be given from time to time for existing dealers who are just starting to carry AGD products.

    Word of the mods is final but mods should confer and reach a consensus before acting upon known dealers who support AGD.

    Dealers must understand that any actions taken against them represent the entire mindset of the moderators.

    Finally - to all users: Neither AGD nor endorses or authorizes any of the sales or items listed. We do not in anyway verify their validity, or offer a warranty for their goods or services. Please use your judgement when making purchases over the Internet, and let the buyer beware.

    If you have questions or problems - feel free to email me!
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