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Thread: Enemy's Feedback

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    Enemy's Feedback

    If youve done business with Enemy post your feedback here.

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    Adrenaline_Junkie Guest
    A+ Great guy, kept in touch and everything. I highly recomend doing business with enemy and i look forward to possibly doing business with him again. A+

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    Enemy is a good person. I have done business with him and worked by him and been on many teams with him over the years. He always does his best to help out new players and old. If he knows about it he will help u and give u the best price he can. If u have and problems with him plz tell em cause i will stand by his word and or help u resolve ur problem with him. (not that any one has problems with him just in case

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    bought an x power mod from me. everything went just fine. nice guy

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    My feed back

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    I'm new to the forum and don't know much about automags. Enemy helped me out right away with some of my questions. Enemy is detailed and gives good thorough answers. Thanks again Enemy.

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    very fast

    bought a hyper frame off him, and everything was perfect he even next day air it for free didnt even ask for that sweet trader seller big UP to him. THANKS

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    Enemy is a great trader. He tries really hard to make you happy. I bought a mag from him and he included extra parts and such and even offered next day air if I needed it. Don't be scared by his punctuation (he only uses exclamation points, ha!) he's a really nice guy and is a pleasure to do business with.

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    Great buyer, Sold him a Tadao DM7 board, A+++++

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    Great buyer. Sent money fast and kept good communication.
    Would def. do business with him again.

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