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    I just wanted to say congratulations to Tom Kaye's team. You all played your hearts out, and it was evident to everyone who the victors were. Honestly, as much as I wanted to win, when we showed up in the morning and got a look at both the teams, it became clear what our odds of winning were. Still, it was a great day. We had an awesome time. Let me say a big huge THANK YOU to Tom for grabbing the reigns and organizing this. He did a hell of job. And again, my hats off the players on Tom’s team. You guys played some awesome ball.

    See ya next year.
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    You can thank Goglin for the recruiting. He and some of his subordinates contacted all the major scenario groups. Since he is well liked and respected he even drew some groups away from the Shat's team. I already signed on with Kaye before I got the call though.

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    Shatner is a player

    Shatner was on the field 80% of the game time! As a non playing vendor/fund raiser who was also trying to get photos and a quick interview with Bill, I can tell you he was on the field for the majority of the time. I had a very hard time catching him off field to get some video for my website, and when he was off he was either refilling or doing the live broadcast for the game. One time I did catch him (lunch break), he and Liz(his wife) had just came into his RV staging area and were talking about getting something to eat, but realized they had not come off the field quick enough and probably did not have time to eat before they had to be back on the field. As someone behind the scenes I can tell you Shatner is no figure head and he played the great majority of the time on the field. I am sure many of his commanders will tell you he was all over the place and does not act like he is seventy something at all.

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    If you havent already figured it out... Your not supposed to take me seriously
    what was great was it felt like shatner was just another player of the game, i have alot of respect for him, and not for being like a certain other cow who likes to hide when the ball start-a-flying

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    It was definately a great event, even though I was in blue. I had the courage to walk on the feild with my one of my old pumps. I can say with confidence though that I shot some of you suckers. But you guys just made the paint connect more often. We just didn't want it enough. I think that even though I love my pumps its an ULE mag next year for me.

    I look forward to seeing everyone and more people next year, exept dear lord let it be cooler!
    Who misses splatmaster?
    I know I do!

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    I agree with Kahuna that Bill Shatner (and his wife Elizabeth) were out on the field playing for most of the game. Unfortunately, Bill's jersey was stolen prior to the event, so he wasn't as readily identifiable as in the past as he was wearing a jersey kindly offered up by another player.

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    that was a great game! great field! and great people! it felt great shooting side by side with The Don on that last game. in my 6-7 years of playing paintball that had to have been the most fun i have ever had. i cant wait til next years game, im sure it will be even better. good job to the blue team, Mr. Shatner and his wife Elizabeth. the only thing that i'm wondering is, where did the cow run off to? i really enjoyed seeing all of the tanks that were brought also. it was quite fun running along side the tank during one of The Don's missions. but great job both teams and next year will be fun.
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    Yes - congrats to Tom Kay and the men and women of AO.

    Being on the recieving end of the "hurt" it can be sumed up by a conversation I had in the first battle.

    Fighting our way out of the fort into the stream bed and trying to break out into Jungle of Doom and Bedlem -- I turned to a fellow team mate and asked "what time is it?". "10:30" was the reply. No response was given. We all knew we were in for a long day.

    But either way was still a great time (even though my M98 went MIA)

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    Congrats to TK and his team. I had a blast as always. Got to talk to Shatner a little more than last time-explained what LAW meant.
    Played medic in the afternoon. Actually liked it. A chance for cheap PB heroics. Even got some shots in with the PGP as I did it. People seemed to like the job I was doing. Never heard "COVER THE MEDIC!" before.
    Only downside was the heat/humidity(That vitamin sportpunch was awful-made my legs feel like lead) and my A5 blew a seal just before the final battle. Had to fight it with my Sheridan P12CA. My right hand is bruised from jamming the pump back so fast.
    Can't wait for the next one, but regretably my range is confined to the Midwest.

    Brian Wheater
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    I do believe the red team won the last battle if I remember Mother correctly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Wingman
    I’m not gonna quibble about the final battle. The last 10 seconds of the game is too short and too chaotic to argue about. And even if we did win it, it wouldn’t have won us the day.

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    as with most MXS events the final battle is decided on who controls a center bunker/ thing. Normally it has nothing to do flags, but who's body is at the bottom of the stack of corpses in said bunker / objective.

    as I understand it was one of your Jersey sceanrio guys that was quietly in control of the game, while sitting on some semi hidden hooch barrles.

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    I believe it was Dave C. from Knightmare Tango(KT) that was in control

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    The Darkman (aka Bobby G, Tom's XO) was that both Dave Cilio of KT and "Smokin" Joe Stayback of Blitzkrieg were in the center of the Temple of Doom tunnels as the final battle ended. That won us the final battle...way to go guys!

    Awesome game all...a HUGE thank you to all the AOr's who busted their butts to help bring Tom his well-deserved victory! It was a pleasure sharing the field with you all, sorry I didn't really have much chance to meet most of you in person though. Although I'll never forget "meeting" Melissa on field... (Trina will get that joke, but no one else )
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    Congrats to the ENTIRE burgandy/maroon team that worked extremely hard to earn the victory.

    ... and, hats off to the blue team for keeping up the fight.
    Dave Cilio
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