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Thread: interested in buying a classic mag

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    Question interested in buying a classic mag

    i am very interested in buying a classic mag for my next gun but i dont know where to get it from or what kind i want. ive played with my brothers mag several times and finaly desided to get one of my own. I am left handed and know i want to get a hopper right gun any one knoe where i can get a good pacage deal on a gun& barrel ive got a N2O tank so no tank needed
    how much would that run me?
    oh and for a time i was going to join the dark side by geting a cocker, but the light side enlightened me to my error in judgement and now its a mag for me
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    2 words- traders forum. you'll find the best deals there.

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    Classifieds forum or ebay give the best deals. Look for powerfeed mags unless you're going to go warpfeed. I'm also a lefty and it is harder to find the hopper right p/f but just keep trying and you'll find one.

    Good Traders:
    Tunaman, K-villeplayer, Magman007, Mastersconi, Jon/xpm, Kenndogg

    My feedback if you've dealt with me, leave some...

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    Is there a problem with the warp feed and power fed 'mags?

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