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Thread: automikey and Soopa Villain17 make a trade

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    automikey and Soopa Villain17 make a trade

    We've decided to make a trade and post the details here so it will be in a public forum.

    automikey gets:
    Tac-One with ULT and bike grip (basically everything Soopa got from Tuna), 1 small scratch.
    Carbon Fiber single trigger grip frame
    Dye cover for 68ci tank

    Soopa gets:
    A nearly new Tippmann 98c, stock
    A used but working well 98c with response trigger, otherwise stock
    A 98c Low Pressure Kit- new, possibly installed once? Looks new.
    A working PT Extreme Pistol
    A working-not-as-well PT Extreme Pistol (Free)
    A PT magazine and a hopper adapter
    Some misc. stuff I have around to throw in with it all.

    We will both pack very well (!) and ship the same day (probably Tuesday, 3/1/05) and send each other confirmation numbers that evening.

    We are trying to do a good job with descriptions and photos (well Soopa's photos are poor but I know he just got his Tac and it's basically new) so we both understand what we are getting. If for some reason anything I send you does not work properly you can call me and we can work it out. But these are tippmans and pretty reliable and easy to maintain. I agree to try very hard to help if there are any problems so this is a pleasant transaction.

    I didn't post the photos here but I have sent many photos to Soopa. I can post them if asked, it just takes awhile.

    Soopa lives in rockland, maine 04841, but has asked me to ship it to him at his girlfriend's house in spruce head, maine 04859.

    Soopa will ship to me in Moravia, NY 13118.

    We will each pay (shipping with insurance and tracking number) to ship to the other person.

    We will each get an awesome package of goodies by the weekend!!!

    Does this look good, Soopa? Did I leave anything out?

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    looks pretty much ok to to me , ill send you a email , also ill be calling you sometime later today
    my ao feedback

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    i want to ride my bicycle , i want to ride my bike.

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    on hold

    Trade has been on hold in case anyone cares. I think I offered him too much and he got panicked and decided to sell the tac outright and maybe just buy stuff from me.

    Soopa, I saw your ads to sell/trade on other forums also. If it falls through we could try to work out the trade again.

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