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Thread: Classic Automag VS. Emag

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    Classic Automag VS. Emag

    Right now I have a 68 powerfeed Automag that I am always looking to improving with keeping the cost in mind. From what I know, the best out there is the Emag. Now, what do you guys think would be better, to get an Emag? to get a used Emag? To keep my 68 P/F?
    Would it be worth it in the long run to get an Emag instead of upgrading the Automag?

    An another question I have, is if you took an Emag hooked up with Warp, and compared it to an Automag with a swapped retro valve, intelliframe, Revvy, and warp, would you have just about the same gun minus a little rate of fire? I am not necessarily looking for rate of fire. I think the most important things are reliability and practicality and I wanted to know your guys' thoughts. Are the Emag and Automag comparable as far as reliability and quality throughout goes? I have never used an Emag. Could you take an Automag, and seriously upgrade it to the point where it can compete against an Emag.

    What would be the prices here for, say, a used Emag with warp and accessories, then

    an Automag totally tricked out with a retro valve and warp?

    Anyway, your thoughts are appreciated.


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    i dont really have to much to say in the words of advice but good luck trying to find a used emag
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    All I have to say is to try an emag, and try a tricked out classic mag. I think you'll see the difference yourself. I'm really tired and don't want to type much now, so I'll try to help you out tomorrow.

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    If you're not interested in rate of fire the retro valve might not be worth it. At lower rates of fire it can tend to be a bit inconsistent. If you like to fire in quick bursts or fast strings it is good to have. Keep in mind that it can only be used with nitro or compressed air. If you like single shot kills it is best to use an adjustable tank to get a lower input pressure. This gives you a less reactive trigger but better consistency at low rates of fire.

    Buy the E-mag if you want super-light trigger pull, burst and full auto settings, and no short-stroking. The E-mag valve is basically an RT/Retro Valve design, so the same rules apply there. Used E-mags seem to run about 800 dollars without upgrades.

    As far as reliabilty and durability, I don't think it is an issue for either 'gun. There are 7-year old Automags still running perfect, and I'm sure the E-mag is just as well built.

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    Used Emags are very very easy to find, most of them do'nt go past 850... A friend of mine just bought a use one wiht only 3000 shots on shot counter, Warp, and a few barrels for only 750.

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    You CAN get very nice deals on used emags on Ebay. There are several on there now. I bought my Emag, w/about 5,000 shots on it on Ebay for $750. Yes, I was at the right place at the right time with all of the money the guy was asking, but still. You CAN get a great deal on used Emags. Just look on Ebay.

    I sold my PF Retro Mag on AO for $380, in perfect condition, just before I got the Emag. I sometimes miss it, because it was so compact and a bit lighter than my Emag. Honestly, they are both awesome guns. Of course, the Emag IS ultimately faster, but 98% of the time this does not matter.

    Both are very easy to maintain too. Just be careful with paint or water around the grip panels of the Emag - the grip seal design (or lack of it) sucks.

    A Retro Mag, used, will run you $400.

    An Emag about $750 to 800.

    I would not go with an RT or RT Pro, but that's just me. If you do, they can often be found for less than a Retro Mag.

    Remember, all of the guns discussed above are HPA only, and you really should try to get an adjustable system to take advantage of the valve's reactivity.

    A Warp and Revy, etc. are obviously the same for either gun.

    If you get a Centerfeed Emag (my favorite), aftermarket barrels are more scarce and a bit more expensive.

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