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Thread: Elves!!!

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    Talking Elves!!!

    The Elves

    Elves are no smaller
    than men, and walk
    as men do, in this world,
    but with more grace than most,
    and are not immortal.

    Their beauty sets them aside
    from other men and from women
    unless a woman has that cold fire in her
    called poet: with that

    she may see them and by its light
    they know her and are not afraid
    and silver tongues of love
    flicker between them.

    -Denise Levertov

    I think that we should have jersey's with elves on them for AGD...

    new motto "Because quality always shoots straight... and we dont even use the elves like some other people *cough*"

    Im a 1.5 callorie treat that everyone loves to eat!

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    shartley Guest
    I like your quote from Denise Levertov.

    There are two varieties of Elves in today's culture... the "Christmas" type Elves that are short and cute, and the Classic Elves of Myth and Folklore (as well as DnD and other Fantasy Books). The classic Elves are of the same basic stature as Humans, but tend to be a bit thinner and taller (not shorter).

    They are not all "Green" but tend to take on the same rough coloring of the environment they live in.... i.e. Woodland Elves have an olive to green complexion, High Mountain Elves would have brown or grey complexion, Arctic Elves would have gray to almost white complexion, etc. But their body size and shapes will be the same.

    They do use Magic... but not "Toyland" Magic. Elves have always been one of my favorite "Fantasy" Peoples. Note, I am not talking about "Christmas Elves".

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    as i read your post shartly, i cracked up considering that your explaining all of that about...


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    shartley Guest


    Well... this IS the Off Topic Forum. LOL

    And I DO like Elves. That was just a SUPER Brief overview as well.

    Elves is GOOD!

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    i guess your right

    ENDO! (ahhaha jk )

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    Elves...such a wonderful thing....

    J.R.R. Tolkien is one of my favorite authors. If you have read any of his books (if you have not the you should) then you know he writes about a mythical land of Middle Earth, where elves, trolls, etc. all inhabit the land. Elves were always my favorite kindrid out of his books. Christmas Elves kind of remind me of dwarves. Only in looks though because they are short, chubby, and bearded. They act much more different though. Well anyways go out and read some J.R.R. Tolkien material now...RIGHT NOW!

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    nice EIB logo i like this one better though
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    ya bra, i know that one guy on the forums has this in his sig.

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