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Thread: Dont Use Fear Factory Paintball

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    Dont Use Fear Factory Paintball

    Hey everyone-
    I wasnt sure where to post this at, but I am in the process of posting this on all forums possible. Anyway I sent my gun into Fear Factory Paintball at the end of May/Beginning of June. I was going to get it anodized and it was supposed to take 3 weeks. Well it is November 18th, and I still dont have my gun back....

    Each time I called Richard who is the owner, he would give me an excuse on why he couldnt anno my gun, this went on for weeks. Finally he said he couldnt get the rods out of my led so he wasnt going to be able to anno it. This was in August that he told me this... So I told him to just send back my gun and all the parts I sent with it and the money order I had sent him to pay for it. Well he said he would get it in the mail and he would possibly overnight it depending on how much it would I waited a week and then another...still no gun so I called him up and he said he would have it in the mail the next day and I should have it the following week...well obviously I didnt get it and I still havent gotten it.

    I have compiled reciepts, copies of e-mails, phone records, recordings, etc... I have a meeting with my local police department on Friday and a complaint form that is going to the Internet Fraud division of the FBI. I am also going to be dealing with his local police department me to get my stuff back. I keep calling him and leaving messages telling him I am doing this and hopefully we can solve this without that happening, but it has been over 6 months and I am no longer being patient. He never responds to e-mails and he never calls me back. So I am planning on pressing charges on him for theft, internet fraud, mail fraud and anything else I am able to do. Most of which are felony offenses. My aunt is an attorney so she is writing stuff up for me.

    Anyway I just wanted to let people know not to use him, and to also be careful when dealing with anyone over your gun, and make sure you get feedback from other customers and stuff so you dont get stuck in my position.

    Mods if this is in the wrong area feel free to move it.

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    this should probably be in pbtalk for exposure...
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    I think that is where I had it originally...but not sure....I have just been posting this on every forum I know of and putting it where I thought it would be seen the most.

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