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Thread: Ball breakage

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    Ball breakage

    Do mags really break that many balls? What all is there you could get to stop it for mags? I'm lookin into buyin a mag and wanderin about this.
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    Mags don't break balls. They had a bad rep (and still do) for chopping paint. The reason is people shortstroking the trigger and chopping. Once you learn the trigger, and it takes a little practice, they work great.


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    exactly what sm5 says... all u gotta do is shoot at a reasonable pace for a case or two then u can shot a bit faster and evenually with time u will shoot as fast as ur angel

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    yes they do chop paint more than other guns... and no im not lying sm5, because i have had both an rt and an e-mag(seperate guns), and yes i chopped more with the rt because you can short stroke it but i still chop a good amount with my e-mag. This is simply because a 12v nor a warp could keep up with me and mags aren't too nice on paint in harsh weather conditiongs eg. Humidity, Cold (mags have a high pressure input when the trigger is pulled and the bolt hits the ball pretty hard, so if the ball doesn't get down there fast enough it most likely will chop.

    If youve got the right loader and the right paint match your mag wont chop, it all depends on the condition and the loading speed. I myself will be waiting for a HALO

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    Originally posted by Vil3
    yes they do chop paint more than other guns... and no im not lying sm5, because i have had both an rt and an e-mag(seperate guns), and yes i chopped more with the rt because you can short stroke it but i still chop a good amount with my e-mag.
    I would never say you are lying because if you read what I wrote I'm agreeing with you. Mags can chop, even E-mags. I know because I own an E-mag. I turned it into a blender last time out because my revy died in the middle of a game.

    But all I said was that mags by themselves don't chop by design they chop due to user error or outshooting your hopper. And if you notice the original question was, "Do mags break paint?" I'm trying to seperate breaking paint and chopping paint as they are two seperate issues.

    But what I am trying to stop is the myth that due to a design flaw mags will always chop paint and there is nothing you can do about it. That's just not true.

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    all i know is that my friend who has a twister cocker breaks paint all the time, like once a game at least. I have choppped TWO balls in TWO CASES of paint, and it wasn't me behind the trigger. Both times were at the crony, and my friend shortstroked it the first time, and the same with my brother the second time, well actually, he just had the gun at a severe angle and the ball was halfway into the breech. Other than that, just learn the trigger [damn easy, forget we said 'learn'] and you'll be fine.
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    some people have problems with ball breakage whlie some dont. I remember when i ahd a Mag. It would NEVER break balls, I meen, i'd be short stroking like a mother and still no breaks. I even remember once when the nubbin brke at the field. I had to play nubblin less and yet still no breaks. it would jsut shooot 2-3 balls at a time hehe. Now, a friend of mine had a horable expirnce with Mags. His gun would chop, volocity spike, barrely fly out and everything. A curse possibly?

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    All I could say: Mags dont break more balls than other paintball markers! The last 3000 balls i choped 3 balls - and all three times because I shortstroked my Mini (...Im still learning my trigger, to get faster and faster and faster ... ).
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    My main mag overcame chopping and then picked it back up again. I have to get to the bottom of it but i think switching switching back over to the V nubbins or the new plastic nubbins will stop it.

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    I noticed that when I threw on a Hyperframe and could no longer possibly short stroke... NEVER chopped a ball. Before that, any occassional chops were because I screwed up... not the gun.

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    Once you have played a little with your mag and get used to it, choppin or breakin comes down to the paint you shoot more often than not.

    back in the day most pros used mags, were they blenders? no cos pros always get the best paint, thats just how it is. Does ricerocket chop and bust all the time, doubt it, cos he would be pressured to do something about it.

    I have over my paintball career shot some really poor paint and blamed my mag, now with hindsight i blame the paint. With good paint your mag will chop or break no more than any other high end gun.

    I do believe that if you have poor paint mags tend to then break more and show up this poor quality quicker than any other markers BUT these other markers will still chop/break.
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    tru dat

    I notice that bad paint is bad for Mags.

    I never chop tho, cuz I'm da man, and Mag's just love me.
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