today I went down to Pev's and got an intelliframe! Wooohoo! I tried it out and this thing simply rocks!!! It is a must-have if you are considering buying a new frame! For those that are new to the Mag, like I recently was, this is one of the best updrades! I think I shot more paint in 10 minutes than I have all week. I seriously cannot think of a single thing wrong with it; it's all right! Thank you AGD for doing it again! But keep reading...

I then went down to another store, and brought in my Mag w/the newly purchased Intelliframe, and was looking at barrels and stuff. They had several mags, 3 RTs, and no Emags. I asked why they had no Emags, and they said they refused to carry them cause it was just a manual valve with electronic trigger or something like that....?????????.....I didn't really understand...the E-Mag has got to be incredible. Then I was talking about RTs and they were saying that they would sell a brand new one for $300 cause they haven't sold one in 6 months. I asked them if they carried Warps, and they said they wouldn't use something that makes your gun awkward and lopsided(something like that) and something that would fail so much. Again....???????....Then they started talking about how the AGD customer service was bad (I get free lifetime service on my Mag from Pev's, plus free intellifeed setup, plus Rod gave me the updated P/F plug for free. Thanks!) and they never answer their phones and that a few years ago, it was good, but AGD has WHAT IS THAT? If I didn't know any better, like some customer who didn't know anything about Mags, I might have believed it. Thank you so much AGD that there is this place, AO, where we can come and feel right at home, get our questions answered, sometimes get free stuff, get sneek peeks, get to add input to prototpe products, and more.
This is a serious issue. I think someone in AGD should seriously consider taking AGD products out of that store or majorly talking to them, because if I went in there, and didn't know anything about Mags or AGD, I would have left feeling that a Mag was a bad gun and that AGD was not a good company. No wonder they hardly ever sell a Mag! It actually hurt when they were pretty much ripping on AGD. They said that the Mag was good like 4 years ago, but from the impression I got with the conversation I was having with the guy there, it made me think he was saying the Mag doesn't cut it anymore. I don't think those guys are going to sell any of your products because people are going to leave thinking they should go with someone else other than AGD, and that they don't carry two of AGDs hottest products, the E-Mag and Warp. I can tell you right now I would go with NO ONE else but AGD!
They do have a good price on the RT, but I can tell you I am not going to buy it from them because I don't like their attitude, and I probably will not be patronizing that store anymore. I will go to Pev's for all my paintball needs. Also, thanks to Rob for helping me and for giving me a free intellifeed setup when I come back next time!

AGD: If you want, I can email you and tell you more about it and the name of the store.

Sorry if I sound angry, I'm not, I just felt it was my obligation to let AGD know.