Guys and Girls Mom's and Dad's!

Yes in deed, step right up! IT'S ANOTHER CONTEST!! I was looking at the picture from the Fantasy Emag thread and it came to me, we should have a Create your Own Fantasy Emag contest!

Here is the deal, create an Emag picture that has similar quality to the one shown below. You can cut up existing pictures or make photorealistic renderings. I want to see stuff that looks COOL and REAL (as possible). I am looking for creative ideas on looks that can eventually be used in our gun line. I want pictures that make people on other forums say "is that REAL??".

First place by popular vote wins an RTpro!! Second runner up gets a Warp and custom Triggernomics Intellframe Trigger. Third and fourth places get custom Intellfirame Triggernomics Triggers!

Our own SHartley did such a great job handling the last one he is back for an encore! Thanks Sam!!

Get that Photoshop program humming I know you all will do a great job!!