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Thread: OFFICIAL Fantasy Emag Contest Rules!!!!!

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    OFFICIAL Fantasy Emag Contest Rules!!!!!

    Below are the Official Contest Rules. They have ALL been approved by Tom himself. Please keep all questions OFF this thread, and direct them to the Official Fantasy Emag Q&A Thread. Thank you.

    Contest Dates will be November 04, 2001 - November 30, 2001!
    Entries will not be collected until AFTER November 12, 2001.

    ( Deadline for entries will be Midnight PST USA, November 30, 2001. All entries will then be gathered and placed in a Gallery for final vote by AO Members. When the Gallery is completed, all AO Members will be notified VIA the Forums and given voting instructions.)

    1) Utilizing any software the user desires, create a new E-Mag!

    2) The created Marker MUST be possible. It should use standard size Paintballs, Airtanks, Barrels, etc. It should be built of standard materials and made with current manufacturing technologies and equipment. Think of this as the Paintball Industry's Concept Car... be creative, but be realistic!

    3) It must be functional and compatible with today's standards of play. Example: Do not send in designs for Markers that strap to your head (or other body parts not currently used in standard play).

    4) The Marker design should have a cool paint/color scheme! Please do not send in designs containing only black parts. This is a contest for creativity, so lets see some!

    5) You are free to use any existing equipment currently on the market (or soon to be, such as the Halo) in your designs. Be creative, remember, this is a concept Marker!

    6) You may use any parts from other Markers in your designs. Since this is a Concept Contest and the actual Marker will not be made (but may influence future designs), this is allowed. Any potential Patent or Copyright infringement would be worked out during the actual development of the Marker (if said Marker was to be developed), NOT during the concept phase. So have fun!

    7) All graphics submitted will be in standard GIF or JPG formats. So although you are free to use ANY software to develop the concept marker (i.e. CAD, Lightwave Modeler, 3DSM, Illustrator, etc.) you may not submit the graphic in the software's native file formats.

    8) All graphics will be submitted in a DPI of 72DPI or higher. Since this is NOT a print contest, there is no need for full 300DPI+ graphics.

    9) When submitting entries, the file names must reflect the AO Member name. I.E. AGD1.jpg and if entering multiple graphics AGD2.jpg, AGD3.jpg, etc.

    10) When submitting entries, you must provide your AO Member Name, Real Name, Age, and Mailing Address.

    11) Individuals may enter as many concept graphics as they want as long as there are substantial differences between each of their entries. This means that color changes are not enough for an additional entry. If you have different color schemes feel free to add small thumbnail pictures TO your submitted graphic showing various color/paint schemes of the same Marker design, but do NOT send as separate entries.

    12) All entries become the property of AGD.

    13) Do NOT name your concept marker (hint hint)! If you feel the need to put a name on your graphic, feel free to use the name FantasE-Mag. Just don't put it ON the marker itself.

    14) When making entries, e-mail them to the designated account ( ) . Do NOT e-mail them to Tom, SHartley, any AGD Staff, or AO Staff.

    15) Do NOT E-mail or PM any of the before mentioned people (in rule 12) any questions, suggestions, comments, or complaints about the contest. Please keep all correspondence about this contest in the Official Fantasy EMag Q&A Thread.

    16) Do NOT post your entries online! Any entries found to be posted for public viewing will be disqualified.

    17) Any and all AGD and AO Staff, or persons acting directly on their behalf, are not eligible to enter this contest (as per standard contest rules and regulations).

    18) Any and all rules may be added, modified or removed at any time.

    19) Winners will be determined by Popular Member vote. Exact details will be announced just before voting begins.

    20) You may NOT use parts from the Sample Graphic used by Tom to create your image.

    21) HAVE FUN!


    First place by popular vote wins an RTpro!!

    Second runner up gets a Warp and custom Triggernomics Intellframe Trigger.

    Third and fourth places get custom Intellfirame Triggernomics Triggers!

    Note from Tom:
    "I want to see stuff that looks COOL and REAL (as possible). I am looking for creative ideas on looks that can eventually be used in our gun line. I want pictures that make people on other forums say "is that REAL??"."

    Adding link to Toms original post announcing this contest:

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    And please do not use the report this post to a Moderator feature to ask contest questions. Shartley will not get them. All the Mods will get it and we will not answer contest questions. So ask all contest questions over in the Contest Q&A thread.

    Q&A is here:

    However if someone gets out of line by all means let us know thorough that report the post feature.


    The Moderators

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