While I was busy dealing with morons and making announcements on AO and then Tom hits me with a hammer! Ouch!

Well... my personal expressions will remain in the private forum. In the meantime we AO Admins and Mods will sort out the details as they are given to us and keep things running until we get clear instructions from Tom.

And no... we had no warning. I read it here.... So we are a ship without a Captain until we see what he wants to do. But in the mean time its bussiness normal until we know what to do.

I for one an tireing of the politics and undehandedness of many people getting into the bussiness myself. So its no real suprise to me. It's not been fun lately. So I understand some of Tom's motivations to move on. Being excited about what you do is important. And the excitement is not there like it was I guess.