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Thread: Tom Kaye Retires from Paintball, AGD Under New Management

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    What the...Wow...Crap...I dunno what to say. Tom, you will be forever upheld in the minds of many. What always made you and your company so great is that you care about the opinions of the people using your products. You will not be forgotten.

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    *dusts off AO account

    Just want you to know that we, the people in my region of the paintballing world, appreciate your engineering developments in the sport. Thanks, and good luck.

    EDIT: I'm not the Southern Comfort guy that shot you in the back at the Risk It All game by the way. I wasn't even there, so please don't chastise me.

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    Good luck Tom...and thank you.

    But what I do I do because I like to do.

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    hmmm....if it wasnt for fireblades post i wouldnt have known. i would first like to thank you first EVERYTHING that you contributed to the sport, second thanks for letting me part of the ao groupies at the toys for tots event in Georgia

    i almost feel out of my chair seeing this, but I knew it was coming. They way you talked in thread as well as in Georgia tipped me off. Good luck in everything you do, appreciate how you helped me.
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    Though I never got to meet you in person this comes a a big shock as well as many others here have said

    I hate to see you go but hopefully you will find a field that you are entusiastic about and hopefully you will still beable to get out to the fields and play

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    miss ya dont be a stranger in here

    somebody better archive the important threads

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    Quis custodiat ipsos custodes?
    Since I don't see a lot of questions in the thread...

    So, TK... Why are you calling it quits? Did it stop being fun? Is there an incident that triggered it?

    You think you'll be doing something else? Moving to a different industry? Do something completely different? Stare at the sky? Dig up bones? Find a way to support those industries?

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    Good luck. My prayers are happening for you and your family.
    Thanks, Brent "RamboPreacher" Hoefling, CPPA founder

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    well, have fun with whatever you decide to do, your still a baller at heart

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    Mr. Kaye,
    I first spoke with you back in 1991 when I was trying to get ahold of an automag. I finally begged two out of you and one of those is still the main gun of a man who has grown to become one of my best friends, much as the technology of your company has. In the nearly 14 years since I started using your products I've passed up many a chance to attend an event you were at, and now I find I regret it. Please attend the next Shatnerball so I can fly out and shake your hand one time before you go.

    Thank you,
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    Good luck & be sure to come back & visit!

    Origninally posted by warbeak2099
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    Wouldn't u like to know!?
    I... uh... I can't find the words. I guess, good luck sir. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to own something which is at such a high level of quality. Maybe AGD isn't in great fiscal shape, but a man and an organization who has touched and influenced as many people as you and your company have is most definately a profound success in my book. You will always be a part of paintball...

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    I really hate to see you go, truely a titan as has already been pointed out.

    So will it be pretty much business as usual at AGD? Specificly will everyone still have a job? I cannot stress enough how awesome the people you have there are, especially Marcia. She went leagues above her calling to help me out with a stupid credit card and I only have a Sydarm right now because of her. Everyone else there that I have ever delt with have been as great. These people care about what they are doing as much as you do Tom. I hope Dave shares that same quality; in fact I must assume it since he was your VP.

    Also, will you keep everyone here posted about your new venture? I'd love to see what happens when you manage to combine a telescope and T-rex thigh bone!

    Hell, will you still at least visit the board? I remember when this place was just a little owners group with a background image ripped off a porn site. And I remember when it disappeared for a while and another owners group had to be built to hold us all over. And then AO was resurected by none other than the very company whose product it was created to discuss. That was a fresh move for a manufacturer and a good one by the looks of this place. I'd hate to see that fade away now, it's much too soon.

    Aww, crap. I just checked to make sure and it isn't April 1st. I think it's starting to sink in now. I'll be wearing black tommorow. Good luck Tom, and know that you won't be forgotten by anyone if I have anything to do about it.

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    Wow, I was the third person to view this thread 4 hours ago when it started, there weren't any replies, now it's all blown up to 4 pages.

    Still can't think of anything to say.

    Tom, you and AGD have been an awesome company, have always approached things from a logical perspective, and have had a good and honorable reputation, both as a company and a person. I hope Dave can fill your shoes as a replacement.

    Your approach to paintball innovation has been nothing short of spectacular, and I regret never making a serious attempt at meeting you. Your methods of designing paintball gear echoes what I look for, quality, dependability, and simplicity of design.
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    Thank You Tom

    For all you have done for the industry. You have brought engineering to an industry that is based on hype. You are an inventor and an innovator, I hope your new aspirations make good use of these skills. Also, thank you for bringing me out of the hype and forcing me to use the scientific method when thinking about my purchases and pursuit of equipment. You saved me quite a few dollars and embarrassing moments. One of my favorite quotes (Pardon me if I paraphrase) "You finally get it to work and they ask for it in a different color." Please don't fade into obscurity, at least enjoy the passion you help raise from infancy from time to time. While I don't have any right to demand anything from you, don't abandon the child you helped to bring into the world. While it is going through some very difficult teen years right now, when it does finally mature, you need to be there for the acknowledgement of wisdom and love. You will be sorely missed. Your sanity was always refreshing. May you impact your next passion as heavily as you did this one and not lose sight of another quote you gave (Don't pursue paintball because it is paintball, pursue something because you love doing it.)

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    Dear Tom ,
    You have created many MAGnificent paintball markers over the years. You have brought out some of the best markers in our lifetime and we thank you for that. We are sad to see you move on , but also happy for you and hope you enjoy what ever you deside to do from here on out. Tom , we will always miss you and when we are playing paintball with our automags we will think of only one name.....Tom Kaye

    Team Magfiea
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    Tom, I will never forget you.

    It all started with Doobie shortly after we got married in 1992:

    "Tom Kaye, AGD, Mags, Paintball, Tom Kaye, AGD, Mags...Tom, Tom, Tom...."

    I will NEVER forget your name Tom!! This is all I heard when I knew nothing of the sport...None of it made sense and none of it mattered.

    Until...I picked up my first marker in 1998 on Doobie's Birthday...I was hooked.

    When I first met you I still knew little of you, but as I got to know you, Tom, I grew to admire you. Not only are you a legend in paintball with all your contributions to our great sport, but you are one of the most facinating, most intelligent people I've ever met. I've loved hanging out with you and hearing your stories, your views on paintball, H2's, Dinosaurs, the war, etc... All extremely amazing. I probably speak for most people here on AO...

    Tom, you are my hero!!

    You are what paintball is all about. I'm glad you hung around as long as you did, so that I had a chance to get to know you. Thank you for everything Tom, and good luck in the future.

    Your friend always,


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    Thanks Tom for everything. Good luck.


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    I am deeply saddened by this surprising and sudden news. Tom, your contributions to paintball will always be remembered. We all thank you so much for everything that you have done for paintball. I wish you a prosperous and happy retirement.

    Now I am on a mission to purchase a Classic Automag...
    Tom Kaye Announces Retirement - 12/8/04 - A date which will live in infamy.

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    Thanks so much for everything you've done TK. Paintball & all of us owe you our gratitude Good luck with whatever you choose to do in the future.
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    We are doomed!

    That's it, the end times have arrived!

    Tom, you could always start a cable show: "The Dinosaur Hunter".

    Take care

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    You continue to expect that things will be the same but in reality the old days of paintball are gone forever. The general paintball public hasn't put it all together yet. They dont understand that AKA is done making guns forever. That Odessey who brought you the best loader ever is now hovering at bankruptcy. WGP just gave up the whole upper end marrket in favor of a spider clone. Glen Palmer is going to retire to another country. Tippmann is now controlled by the functional equivalent of a superpower and the best Bob Long can do is come out with a new look every month.

    How could odessey being going under...dont they make halos? Halos are one of the most popular hoppers...and they came out with a marker too. This stuff confuzes me.

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    I had a chance to meet you about 2 years ago at a PSP Press Conference in Chicago. My partner and I had dinner with you and Bob Mcguire.

    It was a great honor to be able to spend time with you after the press conference, you open the doors to your office and gave us the grand tour into AGD as well as your personal hobbies.

    It is sad to see someone that has invested so much of his time and efforts into creating the foundation of our great sport.

    I wish you and your family all the best in your new ventures.

    Tom you said in your post "I am proud to have contributed in my small way. "

    I just have to say your contributions are no means small, Only you and some close people to your self truly know all the items that you have had your hands on for the beginning developments for other companies.

    You truly have done Paintball a great job!

    Take care,

    Jason Robertson
    Paintball Wilderness Inc.

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    You may think you have only touched the mag crowd, but...

    Never in my paintballing experience have I owned/shot/held a mag. Nevertheless, I owe you just as much as any other paintballer out there.

    I have a relative, Steve Peirson, who lives in Chicago, a motorcycle guy, that said he knows you, and that something of AGD is 10 min away from his house. I was hoping to visit you when I visit Chicago the next time, but I may never get to meet you.

    I owe you so much, and I cannot ever repay you for what you have done for the sport.

    I bow before you.

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    Mr. Kaye,
    I'm sorry to hear you're retiring, but like most people, I understand. I'm very relieved to hear you'll be attending more Shatnerball events. I had planned on attending this year's only to find out I would be deployed while it was being held. I have my mind set on attending next year's so I can shake your hand and thank you for all you've done for the sport. And I'll try not to let Ben (Bunkerhugger) bug you too much

    Jared Steffen

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    It's hard to think of what to say except good luck on your endeavors.
    It was a pleasure for Deb and I to meet you and wish you every success.
    Flying the unfriendly skies.

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    Thanks for all you have done for me & the industry. I started playing in the early 90's & remember spending $600 on my first gun ever, a new Power Feed Automag with a 18V Shredder on top. That gun kept me hooked on paintball for many years. That gun is long gone and I moved on to Angels but I still visit here everyday. Something about your first Mag you never forget. The contributions you have done to the industry can't be measured. Good luck with your next venture.
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  28. I just heard the news. I am truly saddened by the news of your retirement. You introduced an incredible and unique gun design to the players, and have been an excellent example of what a "paintball industry person" should be. Know that you have a case of paint (or two) and admission for you and a friend waiting for you at any and every event I do. This offer doesn't expire until you do.

    Thank you, Tom, for all you've done for me, and for the sport we both love. I've enjoyed all the times we've spent talking, and I'm still pimping the he|| out of Tac One Automag #2 (or is mine #1 and TB's #2?)?

    Anyway, keep in touch and take care.
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    I cannot stress enough how awesome the people you have there are, especially Marcia.
    I'll be there.

    I wish Tom the very best as he goes off on his new tangent.

    Hey, is there a law against posting the names of deadbeat customers on the internet?


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    Good luck! You will be greatly missed.

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