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Thread: Tom Kaye Retires from Paintball, AGD Under New Management

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    best luck in anything you go onto tom. you have been one of, if not the top name in the industry. you have brought the game many great inventions. dont be a stranger to the forum though!
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    wow tom , i didnt expect this.

    well we all appreciate so much what you have done for us as a community.

    as you can see all the heavy posters have shown how much they will miss you.

    Best of Wishes

    Silvestre Da Costa
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    Goodbye and Goodluck

    Back when I started playing the top two choices were either a Mag or a Cocker. I went with a Mag because I thought the design was better. I still feel that way. I played for awhile then took a break as many of us have. I started to get back into it in 2001 and found my way to AO. It was great to hear AGD was still out there.

    I started to upgrade my MiniMag with some of the new options AGD was making. Tom decided to hold one of his famous “pop parties” and I rushed home from work to see what it was all about. I was lucky enough to win the Emag given away. I could hardly believe it. I was a new member and the PRESIDENT of the company I had known for years gives me their top of the line gun in a random drawing.

    I really enjoy the community that is AO, and am always amazed that Tom has time to answer peoples questions. It has a coolness factor that is hard to explain. It really makes the customer feel like they are not just a number, but a person.

    I was lucky enough to meet Tom at the big NorCal/SoCal AO day last January. When Tom walked into the hotel and everyone was introducing themselves, I was again shocked when Tom actually remembered my screen name and commented on how long I had been on AO.

    Those two events will always stand out in my mind. I’ll never sell the Emag I won. I have upgraded it over the years, but I’ll always keep it.

    Tom, you have always been and always will be a class act. You are too modest if you think a whole generation of paintballers will forget you. I know I speak for more than myself when I say I’ll never forget what you have done for the game.

    Good luck in whatever life has in store for your future. I can never thank you enough for the enjoyment the things you have done for the paintball community has brought to my life.

    Rick “Blennidae” Salazar

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    Even though I knew about this a while back, I am all busted up reading these posts from all these guys who love the same thing as I do...AGD. You have taught me almost everything I know about mags, and no one could have ever done a better job. I just want to thank you for everything you and your company has done for me. No other company has ever given me what AGD has given me. I will devote the rest of my paintball career to the AutoMag. It shall never die as long as I am alive to keep it going. Tell Dave to hold the fort, as he very well knows already that we are behind him 100%. Anything he needs just let me know. Let the good times roll now, and best of luck in all you do from here on in. Lots of love and best wishes from all of us here. Long live AGD! you have time to go Tuna Fishing so dont give me any crap. Mark the calendar for late august 2005. Talk to you soon.
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    Tom, you have my utmost respect and gratitude. I wish you nothing but happiness and sucess in your future endeavors!
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    Tom, thanks for the innovations that you've brought to Paintball. Thanks for the quality products that you and your company have designed over the years.

    I hope that retirement treats you well and I know I speak for more than just myself when I say, "thanks for being you".

    You've made the past 7 years fun for me
    Splat Entertainment
    Yellowknife, NT Canada

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    later Tom. Thanks for the Mags and the awsome company you built.

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    good luck on the fossil digging and telescope making......

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    Tom, I wish I could say this is a huge surprise, but its not. I remember having a conversation with you in the bar at IAO, and it just left me with a feeling. I can't say I expected this, but it isn't all that surprising.

    Over the years, you've been a lot of things to the paintball industry. An innovater, a player, and advice-giver, a gun-maker, a proof-seeker, and most importantly, a friend to a lot of people. You may think you'll be forgotten in a year, but I doubt thats possible. You've had too big an impact upon this sport that even in its changing / decaying form, you're name will still be heard and recognized for years to come.

    There's a few things about you that stand out to anyone who meets you.

    First is your approachability. At every event I've seen you at, you take time out to talk to those who want to talk. Whether its just for a quick hello, or eating donuts and gossiping, or hosting tech classes out for free on your own time, I've never seen you turn anyone away or tell them you were too busy. Tons of industries leaders don't make themselves approachable to their customers and fans, your friendliness has always made you stand out amongst your peers.

    Another thing is your enthusiasm for the sport. I don't think I've met many people who I can honestly say are as in love with paintball as you are. I've seen you up late at night plotting how to best destroy Shatner, seen you getting excited over new breakthroughs in technology, and I've unfortunately seen you deeply hurt about the direction the sport is heading in.

    You've invented technology that has changed the face of paintball, but I think perhaps your greatest contribution may have been your involvement in acquiring and promoting AO. Building a business is an accomplishment, but one lots of people are capable of. Building a community that has grown in so many ways is amazing.

    AOers are more than just people who talk on the internet. A lot of us have formed tight and meaningful friendships with people who live halfway across the country, or sometimes halfway across the globe. And you've played a part in that. In a lot of ways, you're the father to the AO community. I can't even count the number of kids I see on AO who look up to you almost as a second father. I know right now you are probably feeling kind of low, but just try to think about the positive effect you have had on so many people. You've become a part of peoples lives. And thats something no one will forget.

    I truly hope that while you and AGD may have parted ways, you can still find time to stay in contact with all those on AO who still consider you a friend and a role-model. I know at times through the years we've put you through hell, but we're still here for you and I hope that doesn't change.

    The community you've begun won't die, it won't fade away or be forgotten. AO is your legacy, and in my opinion, thats something to be truly proud of. When you think about whats been done on this website, its awe-inspiring.

    I wish you luck in all your future endeavors, I'm sure with your intelligence and enthusiam you'll be able to accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to.


    Brian "Thordic" Casani

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    wow.... I wish I had the chance to meet you and pick your brain like I always hoped I would... I know I am fairly new to the sport, but I know when a class act is a class act.
    Thank you for beginning this journey that all of us now enjoy walking on....

    P.S. if you ever need a hand I would love to join you on a bone hunt.. lol I think alot of us would.

    Good luck to you, and know that all the hard work you have done is apreciated by many.

    ICON-E (Upgraded enough to PwN jOo...)

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  11. Who Am I going to Stalk Now?

    Well who am I going to bother now? Whats the new guys e-mail address?
    Hope it wasnt me that drove you Crazy?

    Hey you are the only KING that would climb off the thrown to meet the people and fight right with us. it has been an honor to have known you and I will never forget what you have done for this industry. We all know you have to do what you have to in life, you are # 1 and you have to look out for #1. thanks for looking out for all of us all these years.

    I will still stalk you at the Shatner events though!!!!

    Where's my signed rail TOM?
    I could start a museum of signed Tom Kaye stuff in my Rec Room, $3 bucks at the door!

    You are the Man and always will be the MAN!

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    The last of the cowboys

    Words escape me on how I feel at this moment. Its a sad truth that paintball is not how it was before. I have only played since 2000 and I have seen changes I dont like. I can just imagine how it feels to be at the beginning and see how it is now. What is sad to see though is that Tom Kaye was the last cowboy. And I believe that he did not lose that fight. He did not give in, he merely left. This is a truely sad day, but AGD is still here.



    Carry on what you have been taught from this man. That we must look above hype or fads and seek what is real and what is true. I will not forget his contributions to the sport and neither should any of us. When someone says "whos Tom Kaye?" you tell them. When someone snubs your mag, you own them. This is how we dont lose. This is how we keep the legacy alive.

    Tom, I have only met you on a few occasions and all of them were a great honor. The first time I met you was the weekend after the 1st Shatnerball at Bad Boyz Toyz in Lansing, IL. I was walking to my car and I noticed you, and could not believe it. But when I was snooping about you asked me to come on over and hang with a few others. We got donuts from your truck and sat around talking about what happend at shatnerball and I got to see the Shanter Xmag in person, and got to hold an Xmag before any of my friends even knew what it was. That day will be with me as long as I live. Meeting a legend and eating donuts with him.

    Good luck with whatever path you choose. You shall be missed.

    My friends and I both were priveledged to play along side you at Shatnerball 3 and at the AO-IL day at CCP. And in the future we would be honored to play at your side whenever that may be.

    Thank you for everything you have done for us and the paintball community.

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    Well, I know I'm not exatcly a regular here but its still disheartening to see first generation pioneers fade away. I wish the best for you, your family, and AGD.
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    The Paintball world will miss you. Here's to Teknut's new life

    Now the old gaurd have all gone west. I feel almost as if middle earth has faded a little.
    Who misses splatmaster?
    I know I do!

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    sad to see you go.. but atleast i got to meet you and play alongside you at the big game at PB sams in october... that was alot of fun.... good luck on whatever you persue.....

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    Dear Tom,

    My friend got me in to paint ball about 3 years ago. I got a Piranha for my first gun, I had my fun with it. Than I wanted to move up in the paint ball world and got a Green rat impulse. It was nice. But I wanted some thing different. My cousin [zeke1975 here on AO] Got a retro Minimag I loved it so much just the looks and how it shot. So the search was on I register here on AO and found a Minimag with x valve and I frame, I bought it. I like it but than the chance for a Emag came up so I bought that. I was selling' it so I could get a new Emag from Tunaman or an Xmag. I sold it . Than I saw that openboater had his Xmag for sale. I made an offer he took it so I had my Xmag. That was it I loved it, so Later on I got my 2nd Xmag. Tom you have done many things for the sport of paint ball. I hope Dave will try and do the same.

    OmniM and I have worked and we came up with the Xmag User List
    We dedicate this list to you Tom.

    Thanks for all that you have done
    Tunamart for all of your mag needs
    Team Magfiea

    Long Live Tom Kaye
    Long Live The Mag

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    For a while i really resented you Tom. I hated you for not improving the mag, not apealling to the public, for not fitting in. I met you last D-day but you didnt come in gloriously in a huge semi truck with tents and displays, i resented you more for it, for not fitting the role you deserved.

    Now i cannot hate you, I can only think of praises for your genious, insight, and modesty. Aslong as i can still hold my Emag, you will not be forgotten. It was an honor to meet a founder of the sport even though at the time i didnt know it. Thank you for all that you have done.

    Long live the Tom!
    Long live AGD!
    Long live the MAG!

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    this is an uber sad really bummed, i dont have anything fancy to say execpt i have nexer shot anything "high end" execpt for a mag and i have no desire to ever. Not because of anything about the marker, but because of the man behind it...i was sad to see that mags dident thrive in the new world of paintball, and still am. Paintball has forgotten its past, and with the situation as it is now i dont see much of a futhure that i want to be a part of.

    Bye tom, i hope to see you again sometime, to me you are all that was decent in paintball.
    Tom was the last of a now extinct breed, a breed of players who build a community, a breed of owners who gave to the sport never taking more than what they deserved. I hope to see you at the feild again some day....

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    I don't know you and we have never met, but I am one of your newest customers. I purchased my Rogue built mag and an very happy with this marker. I wish I could have joined the family alot sooner, but I joined PB later than most (38). I too am a businesman and understand all too well the whole bottom line thing. But please take this from a fellow businesman and PB'r.....You have impacted greatly the market you were in. You created what is now a cult of Mag users. You have in your way affected something much larger than you-and you did it very well!

    Thank you for doing all the crap that we'll never know about, the long hours and the sacrafices you have made for what you have created and we take for granted. Good luck and God's speed in your new direction.


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    I never thought I would see the day...

    Good luck in all your endeavors Tom. In the few times that I've met you, you've always had an enthusiasm for one thing- paintball. I certainly hope that you don't lose this.

    If you ever make it to NJ/NY, let us know. There are TONS of AO guys who would treat you like a king!

    Best wishes & warmest regards-

    Nick "Dayspring" Papandria

    To Tom Kaye-

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    I'm not a regular poster here but I've always been a fan of your work.
    There is no way as long as paintball is around that people will forget you or the other founders of the game. Things you did have changed the very face of the game and have sent it in directions noone has ever thought of. One of the first times I ever saw someone dressed in obnoxiously colored outfits ready to get on a field, the person was holding a mag. Every step in paintball was helped by you and the industry and players as a whole are being dealt a great loss with you leaving. Good luck and rest assured if you ever continue down this road there are many people that will be happy to see you back.

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    wow this has got to be the worst paintball related day i have ever had!!! and i do mean ever..first the field i work at is getting the boot cuz of some enviromentalists and now we lose the most influental person in paintball.. it blows the mind!!! please do as my granddad and take on civilan work for agd we cant lose your knowlegde!!! but ofcoarse good luck with anything that you choose to do and i hope to finally meet you at shatnerball thanks for everything.. closest thing to a deserved solute!!!!
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    Good luck Tom, I really hope that everything goes well with you and your life. Me and my father have owned AGD guns for years now aqnd will continue doing it.
    Peace out
    Sig over 50k

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    bye tom! have fun diggin those dinos!

    always remember the foo that inspired you to try out the megameet!

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    Arrow Tom

    Dear Tom,
    I have only been in paintball for a little less than a year, and i just have to say that I am sadend by this news. I have read everything you have wrote, wacthed all your videos on this website, and fell in love with your products. You are a standard in which is rarely met in the business world. To my knowledge you have never "sold out", and i respect that. As so many companies have just tried to make money; you have truely cared about the sport and your products. In this day of sorrow I tip my hat to you.

    Yours Truely,

    My Feedback

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    Southeast MI

    I've only had a mag for a bit over a year and a half, now, but from the time I first saw my friend's RT Pro for the first time, I was amazed at the quality of it, having only seen spyders before then. Even now, I can look at both my Classic valve and X-valved Mags and be amazed that indeed, Quality always shoots straight. I want to thank you for never sacrificing that quality.

    I want to thank you for my warp feed, which although I don't use it much, it can give me that edge when I use it properly.
    I want to thank you for pushing for the use of Nitrogen, despite everyone making unfounded, paranoid claims.

    In short, I want to thank you for everything you've done over the years, even when some others did not think it 'profitable.'(My words.) You truly gave the sport a great gift that it can never repay you for, and although many of us on AO know it, I think there is a large group of people who don't.

    In short... Thanks for everything you've given paintball.
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    Planet Earth. More than that is debatable.

    What's to say that hasn't been said. Other than two things.

    Everyone, Tom's not dead. He's just getting out of paintball's limelight. I'd like to see him at a few of the local events, but I'm not going to be shocked if he doesn't. Either way, he's still around. Just not in the 'biz as it is. And I can respect someone who knows when to call it.

    Second, to Tom Kaye, thanks for the ride. Ups, downs, it's been one hell of a ride, and I thank you for it. May yours continue many more years.


    "Oh, you're wearing a tail and ears, you're a freak."
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    Tom you're one of the original paintball fathers. I remember reading about you in black and white paintball magazines (papers) late 80's, early 90's.

    You've always been on the cutting edge. Even with whats happening now in the industry.

    I'm sad to see you retire, but best of luck with your new endeavors. All of our best wishes for your future.

    Thank you!
    Markers of Massacre
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    I remember the first time I went to play paintball. One of my brothers-in-law couldn't go that day and I got to use his 'Mag! From that day forward I knew what I wanted. I had a Spyder and bought a second one. I then sold both and added some tax return money to buy the gun I use today. I worry that the company will continue. Where will we get quality replacement parts? One thing that a lot of people forget is that Tom wasn't the original CEO of AGD. In my ancient 'Mag maintenance video, Tom was only in charge of R&D.

    The news of Tom's retirement shocked and bewildered me. But, as I think of the way that paintball has changed since '92, I don't blame him. You will be missed and if you ever come out to WA, email me and we will get together.

    God Bless You, Tom!!

    CPPA Member #1875

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    good luck Tom
    dont be a stranger
    "The Few Who Do Are The Envy Of The Many Who Only Stand And Watch"

    Alway Remember *343*

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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