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Thread: Tom Kaye Retires from Paintball, AGD Under New Management

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    This is really sad news. Tom, being an automag owner since 93, I was truly honored to meet you at this year's AO NorCal vs. SoCal event. Thank You and I wish you much success in your next phase of life.

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    The end of an era in paintball. Sad news indeed.

    Enjoy your future endeavours Tom. All the best.
    Eric Cartman

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    Tom, though i have only met you once or twice, they were very memorable time for me...
    as on of the others stated "the Titans are gone, Long live the Titans"... you were one
    of the great of the paintball world... and will be sure to be remembered this way...

    good luck on your new endenvers and i look forward to tring to get out to another
    shatnerball for another great day of play with you and my fellow AOers'

    Virus, King of the Basement Trollz has spoken

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    Paintball didn't make Tom Kaye, Tom Kaye made Paintball...think I'll make it my new signature.

    Abandon All Hope

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    Me too
    "Paintball didn't make Tom Kaye, Tom Kaye made paintball"...him

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    Plain and Simple

    Thank You

    Your products got me into this game, and to be honest, your guns are the only ones I will ever shoot again...

    Thank you, Tom.

    Thank you, Tom.

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    I've only met you once, at the ao norcal vs. socal meet a year ago. Nonetheless, thank you for everything you've done for the sport. Sad to see you go, but it had to happen some day. Don't abandon us, and keep us updated on your new career!

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    I must now bunker and bonus-ball every two-bit smart parts shooting sellout I have the misfortune of knowing... revenge is a dish best served from the end of an Automag!!!

    On your departure Tom, two quotes come to mind....

    "No distance of place, or lapse of time can lessen the freindship of those who are thoroughly pursuaded of each others worth." -- Robert Southey

    "Character is that which reveals moral purpose, exposing the class of things a man chooses or AVOIDS." -- Aristotle

    Thanks for keeping it real.
    Welt Factory Team

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    Look at it this way Tom and AO, Tom finally made the home page over at (atleast that I've seen)

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    lostrock Guest
    As one of 3 mag shooting members of The Knights of Honor i will bid thee a sad farewell.
    I let one of my team mates shoot my classic Mag at a game, he fell in love with it, sold his highly upgraded A-5 and bought my classic Mag. that says somthing when some one sells his A-5 for a bone stock classic Mag. Tom you will be missed. I felt honored to meet you at the Toys-for-Tots event in Dalton Ga. Thanks for coming. Thanks for the developing the Mag into what it is today.

    Proud and happy owner of my very own FrankenMAG
    Lvl 10
    Warp left mini-Mag body
    114ci 3000psi flatline tank
    Cear warp w/12volt mod and on/off switch
    Thank You for making this posible

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    This is my first post here, saying thank you to Tom- I have only been at one game he was at, a scenario- but I never got to shake his hand...thank you for what you did - IMO out of the founding 4 markers of paintball, AGD has always been THE most stand up and respectfull

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    Tom, sorry to see you go. We hardly got a chance to get to know you. Especially us newbies to the forum. You have made me a die hard fan of Automags and that I thank you for. Good Luck in all your future endeavors. If your ever in Okinawa look me up.

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    Okay... take deep breaths. Deeeeep breaths.

    I am shocked and saddened. My chest feels tight reading this news. Man! How sad this is. On the other hand, I'm glad I own two of the best produced paintguns the world has ever seen. Thanks to Tom Kaye. This is history you're reading here, boys! When I'm in my 50's I can look back into the past and remember this day as I hold both of my Automags in my hands.

    Tom, you did your best. For a few years I've wondered how you managed to pull through with the competition being as stiff as it has been. All of these technological advancements... it's insane!

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    Has anyone considered making "Long Live TK" shirts?

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    This is a very difficult post for me to write. When I saw the news I was dumbstruck. Tom is my hero and someone Ive looked up to and admired for quite sometime. He was able to reach out and touch me first through his product the later as a person. Some of the proudest and most memorable moments in my life are associated with time he was willing to share or opportunities he was gracious enough to provide.

    Throughout the last 5 years of my life many things have changed. My jobs, my home, my marital status, my interests throughout all of that one thing that has remained constant - the enjoyment I get from just holding my mag or logging on here to catch up on things. Nothing else has lasted as long or been as important to me. I literally log on at least once a day everyday. AO & Automags are very important parts of my life and I derive more pleasure from their company then anything else in my existence. (well, except for my wife that is...) Through AGD/AO Ive made friends with people like JoAnn, Marcia, Jon, Rob-AGD, Cphil, & Tuna to name a few. The legacy of Tom Kaye on my personal life goes far beyond that of providing the single most well designed, best constructed and most durable paintgun ever produced the legacy of Tom for me is the place hes provide and the community he built that brings some much enjoyment to my daily existence.

    Tom, best of luck, best wishes and thank you for everything.

    In closing Id like to suggest that Titan might be an appropriate name for the next AGD marker.

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    From a poster at PB Nation:

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    Quote Originally Posted by cphilip
    I for one an tireing of the politics and undehandedness of many people getting into the bussiness myself. So its no real suprise to me. It's not been fun lately. So I understand some of Tom's motivations to move on. Being excited about what you do is important. And the excitement is not there like it was I guess.

    True statement Phil.

    AGD is what made me get hardcore into the sport and it also one of the same things that made me get out.

    Blame the people who are bullies in the industry.

    Most of the people who are active in the sport now are changing things for the worse and they don't see it. They claim to be prophets and saviors but they are just spoilers.

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    Kev and Deb, JoAnn's last day will be the 17th. Your farewell gift of DARK chocolate can be sent to the AGD home office up until that date.

    >>ducking and running in case she chases me for posting this <<


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    Good Luck in the Future to both Tom and JoAnn.

    I still remember the first time I met both of you.

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    Sorry to see you go. Good luck with your next business adventure!!!
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    i had gotten the idea the end was coming for a while now, but i never thought like this
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    Quote Originally Posted by AGD
    You have to understand how hard it is to come back as an unknown. You all know me but in a couple months I will be invisible to 99% of the paintball world. Thats just the way it is.

    Tom, I dont ever think that could happen, I met you at Ultimate madness a few years ago and your personality is one that shines above others, Above that the Contributions to the Game of paintball are invaluable. Sad to see you go.

    I tip my hat to you and wish you the best in your future endevors,

    you will be missed,
    Originally posted by U.S. District Judge Garr M. King, Re: Smart Parts' patent on electronic paintball markers
    "...I question the contributions of some of the named inventors, specifically Billy Gardner and Adam Gardner..."
    "...the evidence strongly suggests that neither Billy nor Adam could have invented what is claimed."
    "As with the lack of any documentation of the Gardnrs' work, Billy and Adam Gardner's testimony regarding thier own contributions does not suggest the work of inventors."

  23. Good luck TOM...

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    It's sad to see a legend leave. We know you didn't hand your company over to a nobody, and that this somebody will make sure AGD stays above water. Take care and good luck.


    J Cup.

    P.S This is my first post in awhile...I'm glad it was here, and for this. I guess this is my "I'm back" post.

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    Tom, thank you so much for everything you've done for us. Paintball has deprived itself of possibly the most ingenuitive engineer it will ever know. I wish you a long and happy life in your retirement; and may you never see another betrayal like this one.

    I would also donate money to the cause.

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    Good Luck tom on whatever you do for all good things must end. But i still hope Agd will still grow which i think it is doing cuz i feel more people are becoming interested in mags

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    "I am proud to have contributed in my small way." -TK

    tom, you didnt contribute in a small way, you invented the first semi-automatic paintball gun, your product was at the top of the list for years adn your innovations shook the game and the indusrty for years. simply put, you are a paintball god. I shot agd products for a large part of my short paintball career and i never regretted it, the only thing i ever regret is getting rid of my mag. wou will be missed very much !!! memories of shooting people with my mag that was "too slow" and "low-tech" will be at the top of my paintball memory for a long time. if your ever feelin down, you can always go check out the old mustache thread, that thing still makes me laugh. i wish you the best of luck with your new career and thank you for all the things you did for the game and the industry in the past. rock on and keep putting your great ideas out there. hopefully one day i will meet you in person, it would be liek meeting the jesus of paintball. good luck man, i hope you suceed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrenalineMag
    tom, you didnt contribute in a small way, you invented the first semi-automatic paintball gun
    Tom did a lot, but he didn't invent the first semi-automatic paintball gun.

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    Fairwell and good luck with whatever you have in mind.

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    Tom I only met you once a few years back while playing at Adventure Games in New Hampshire. I remember coming up to you holding my M98 and asking you "is that some kind of high tech silencer or something?" and you responded in a rather pleasent manner... "no, its a very low tech barrel plug." (you dont remember that do you? heh.) Your work and effort has without a doubt revolutionized the sport of Paintball. Everyone who plays it and loves it as I do is in your debt. Thank you for all that you have given us.

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