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Thread: Tom Kaye Retires from Paintball, AGD Under New Management

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    wow, no way. have a geat retirement, nuff said

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    Tom , you have been like my idol and creator of my emag, We will never forget you

    ah shucks

    you should start a paypall donation thingy

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGD
    Maybe, maybe not. You have to understand how hard it is to come back as an unknown. You all know me but in a couple months I will be invisible to 99% of the paintball world. Thats just the way it is.
    Well, the other 1% will never forget what you did for this game. You have changed this sport in a way that no one can and ever will say is bad. Good luck with the rest of your business ventures. I will never forget what you have done for this game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AGD
    You all know me but in a couple months I will be invisible to 99% of the paintball world. Thats just the way it is.
    I think you underestimate you contributions. I think many, many people will know who you are.

    Are you not going to play paintball (save Shatner ball) anymore? I always got the impression that you liked to play. Maybe it will be more enjoyable now that the pressure is off.

    Good luck. I hate to see you go. This place had come to feel like home.

    P.S. Am I the only one not surprised?

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    o *****

    o crap this sucks i love you

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    Thanks for all youve done for the sport and i wish you the best luck with your new endevers

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    The Titans are gone. Long live the Titans!

    With the recent acquisition of Worr Games Product by K2, Bud Orr is slowly but surely easing into retirement from the game. With Tomís announcement, the Paintball Community has lost its last Titan.

    Many of the younger players now will probably not remember who these two men were and what it was that they did for the sport. Many of us are too busy tweedling with our guns trying to make them bounce and make them perform in ways that a lot of people use to say only a few years back to be impossible.

    What Bob Gurnsey and Hayes Noel started, Tom and Bud took to the next level. In the hay days of these men, paintball wasnít so much an industry as much as it was a community. To those that followed them then, all the things made and actions taken were for the love of the game. With the recent environment that has befallen paintball, men concerned with the community are now replaced by those whose only concern is the bottomline. In a capitalist society, thereís nothing wrong with that. But capitalism wasnít the motivation or the catalyst for the explosive growth of the sport. It was the players, the people who led the community and their collective love of the game.

    Letís face it, if Tom was all about greed, he would have been in the position to greatly capitalize on many of the things that he created. From the first recorded use of an electronic trigger on a paintball gun to the introduction of the use of compressed air, he was in the thick of things. He knew that if he was to fully exploit the commercial potential of his work, he would stifle the growth of his community. He chose instead to do what was best for all.

    Today, I express my sadness because one of the gameís last remaining titans is departing. It is with a great deal of fondness that I say Thanks and Farewell to Tom. Whatever heights we reach as an industry is only possible because you allowed us to stand on top of your shoulders for a very long time.

    Best regards,
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    is this leagle?

    teufelhunden is my hero!

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    Well, my world is turned upside down as I know it.

    Good luck, Tom. Best Wishes in all your endeavours. And most importantly, Thank you, for making paintball what it is. Thank you so much.

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    I havnt even bought one of your guns before you quit...well...does the new owner have any plans for new guns ect? If you dont mind me asking...what buisnes endevor are you going for now?

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    I wish my grass was Emo so it would cut itself
    Just WOW!!!!

    I hate to see you go , but all good things come to an end. I really hope that the new owner continues down the path you have blazed. I would hate to see mags fade into oblivion.

    I wonder what is to happen with this new mystery line that was to be rolled out? Is this actually part of that? Silent partner in a "sellout" , change names , get away from the old perceptions?

    I hate to see the site go as well.....

    It was really great to get to meet you at the last AOSE. Best wishes for your future and for the future of paintball.

    Thanks for everything Tom.

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    personman Guest
    My words when I saw this thread:
    "What? WHAT? WHAT?!>!?!?!?"

    Tom, it's going to be a completely different sport without you
    I just hope this dave guy has half the innovation you have

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    Tom, you know you'll be missed. I was first introduced (back) into painball with a mag, and had lots of fun, and met many great friends, because of it. No one here begrudges your retirement; guess we should've seen this coming. You are one of the great pioneers of the sport. I know that, 20 years from now, when this sport may be big enough, people will look back on the beginnings of it, and your name will be amongst the few that advanced this sport. Good luck to you and your family, take care, and I hope we will meet again one day soon. Best of luck to you.
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    Its sad to hear that you're going, but I'm sure AGD is in good hands. What are you planning on focusing now that you are out of the paintball industry? Whatever it is I wish you the best of luck, its been a blast. You've been a great role model and friend to us all, i mean what other president would take the time to answer questions for a kids school project. Only you.

    Don't forget about us, keep us posted on your digs



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    Wow, good luck Tom. You were an industry leader.
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    Tom you will be missed. I loved shooting mags for so long, You have made a huge impact on the game. I couldnt believe what i seen, when i saw tom kaye retires.... on the last post when i logged on.

    Just make as big of an impact in your new place. Keep in touch, you will not be forgotten here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WARPED1
    Wow, good luck Tom. You were an industry leader.

    Ahhh....why does it have to be the "were" word...why cant it stay "is"?

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    Farewell Tom. When I see that pic from 1991 I will laugh, but not because you guys look a little goofy (sorry), but because I will think of the man who stuck his tongue in the breech of a mag, and shoot it, to prove that AGD is awesome. Thanks for my markers, and good luck with whatever you do.

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    wow was i surprised when i saw this thread title... that was unexpected.

    well, good luck in whatever you decide to do, you will be missed.

    and yes, i would also support a paypal donation to keep AO.
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    While I can't say I'm surprised, it still is a bit of shock to see it happen. Good luck in your future endeavors, and know that you had a major impact on the game, and many people, for the better.

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    so whos doing the military stuff now? no one? or did he take that too?

    please dont leave the boards

    does this also eman we may be facing even more changes with agd?

    did agd drop the hair(in favor of ptp) or what?

    soo many questions..but they dont need to be answered right know...

    except this one..WHERES THE WARP SLUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hope you enjoy your retirement. i was hoping you were going to pcik the new owner like willy wonka and the chocalate factory style. o well

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    You could EASILY run AO with a donate button. We all love it THAT much.
    Good luck, praying for ya man.

    On another note, who wants to start the forum that we can all troll around in?
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    Tom i never you personlly, but its sad to see you go, even we do share one big moment in each others life, for me it was calling game over on top of The Temple of Doom when you claimed the flag to defeat Shatner, knowing i'm seeing one of the great minds of paintball and of course for you to win that. all in all good luck and thanks for everything

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    I thank you for contributing as much as you have to the paintball community. I recently purchased a few automags (used, from makeshift @ and have been pouring through the online manual for the level 7 while waiting for them to arrive. I am very impressed, the manuals read exactly like they should and are the best I've seen in paintball related fields. I'm sure your VP will put as much effort as you have into AGD,s fine product. In closing I would like to invite you to visit, Im sure myself and the other members would be more than happy to chat with you from time to time. Once again thank you Tom.

    Al Ray

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    It's hard to be an innovator in a stagnant industry. The top of the line hasn't been raised at all in 2 years.

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    Can you fill us in on Dave Zupan? Perhaps he can answer a few questions?

    Does he own AGD now witht he inventory he bought? Partner, and TK as a now silent partner?

    What is his history with AGD and paintball in general. Is he an engineer?

    And most importantly, does Dave Zupan love paintball? Does he have a passion for it, or is it just a job. This concerns me most. What I loved so much about certain companies was the fact that the man in charge had a love for paintball.

    Tippmann, WGP, were once owned and run by men who loved paintball. Will AGD continue on with someone who cares not only about making a living, but loving what they are doing?

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    Good luck tom. You made paintball what it is today for me. Your product brought me into the sport and in business. I hate to see this happen but you have to do what you have to do. Like I said good luck and april and I give our best wishes for you.

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    Godspeed and Goodluck, Tom.

    You're a man of unequalled patience to have stayed in as long as you have under the circumstances. You've done alot of good for the paintball community and I pray it comes back around to you in some form.

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    Tom you will be greatly missed. Once again we loos another class act in the sport of paintball. Damn.. now I have to get me another mag.. hmmmm.
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