wow i was sitting here chatting paintball with a friend and i decided to stop by AO and see what was up with paintball i havent played in a very very long time it might be going on 2years now?

But i must say that Tom i am completely shocked that your leaving AGD.. i remember a wile back on Xmas day me and my Buddy both got our classic mags and we watched you crazy vid of all the tech stuff.. haha ive had many many mags and a year ago i had an X and sold it to build an emag... ace milled all that jazz... its sitting in my basement ever since i finished it, i thought about selling it to pay for my new mustang but i think that ill hang onto it.. it will soon be hanging on my wall.. ill get like an AGD poster and put it right above.. wish it could be singed..

anyway if there are big games for tom around the east cost then someone get in contact with me ide love to go