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Thread: Sticky: Comments and Thoughts on Tom Kaye's Retirement from AGD and Paintball

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    wow i was sitting here chatting paintball with a friend and i decided to stop by AO and see what was up with paintball i havent played in a very very long time it might be going on 2years now?

    But i must say that Tom i am completely shocked that your leaving AGD.. i remember a wile back on Xmas day me and my Buddy both got our classic mags and we watched you crazy vid of all the tech stuff.. haha ive had many many mags and a year ago i had an X and sold it to build an emag... ace milled all that jazz... its sitting in my basement ever since i finished it, i thought about selling it to pay for my new mustang but i think that ill hang onto it.. it will soon be hanging on my wall.. ill get like an AGD poster and put it right above.. wish it could be singed..

    anyway if there are big games for tom around the east cost then someone get in contact with me ide love to go
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    This sucks

    I think as ao as a family eventhough i don't own a mag anymore. It's like im an orphan now its like my dad beat up my mom and left in the middle of the night. I feel so abandoned.I feel pissed too if im ever working in the desert and find that spelunking fool im going to light him up an say wish you had a marker abought right now hunh.How could he abandon us now in such a crucial time. Im going to start U.T.A.C. (Uncle TOM'S Abandoned Children).ill post on this subject later.

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    Thanks Tom for setting the example on how a paintball company should be run. Extreme Quality products. The best tech service and support.. And a great history of leading the industry with technical inovations.. Instead of going for the quick buck.. You will be Missed

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    Well here it is after all these years and just when i get my kids into paintball tk retires. man that sucks. but i understand the politics surrounding the manufacturing of markers and the kids today (if it's not a new years model it must be junk) it just sad to see a great man like tom go. i bought my first mag in 1991 and it served me great untill i had to go electo so i got a e-mag and baby it rocks. i just hope AGD makes a come back. Good Luck Tom and go enjoy your retirerment.

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    Well, I just started browsing these forums again and found out that Tom has left paintball. I have to say this is the end of an era. I remember about three years ago when I first started playing paintball and bought my first Automag...a classic RT. I came to these forums and as a response to my first ever post, Tom welcomed me to the community and the world of paintball. This, along with various other things, has kept me a Mag fan for life. Hope you hang around and post messages every once in a while, Tom. I hope your future ventures do well for you. Good luck.

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    Wow. I don't really know what to say. I can't say that part of me didn't see this coming, or that given the current market situation that I would have done any differently, but I'm sorry to see it end this way.

    We'll never forget you, Mr. Kaye, or what you've done for the paintball community. AGD is one of the few companies that has earned my respect (along with the likes of Palmer's, CCI, and AKA), and I will continue to support their products.

    I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do, hopefully after taking a much needed and well-deserved break from paintball, you will be able to enjoy it again.
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    Thumbs up Tk

    It's Time To Come Back

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    on the shoebox website under the FAQs it says that TK is back into the paintball industry from being 5 years retired.

    Oh you got an anti chop bolt? Put your toungue in there and prove it to me.


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